My second progress video!

I’m still documenting my progress into the fearful realm of extreme unicycling, here is my second video. I’m quite proud of myself for improving this much in less than a month. This video features my sister (known as Alicefish on these forums) who I have introduced unicycling to :slight_smile:

Here’s my previous video showing the level I was at on the 4th january. (also posted on these forums as “beginner street video”

That’s mean! How long have you been riding?
It looks like you could maybe let some tyre pressure out. It gives you heaps more bounce. Up to you. Nice riding bro

It’s somewhat hard to pin point that, I first picked up a unicycle about 2 and a half years ago. Couldn’t ride at first so I gave up. I tried again later and could easily ride around in circles with nearly no practice so I thought “hey, this is brilliant fun!” and stuck with it. I was occupied with school so I would only really ride up and down the driveway or into town…nothing special. Plus, I had the biggest piece of junk uni ever :roll_eyes:

I only really got into unicycling after I got my nimbus for christmas(this year). Before that I could pretty much only do one foot riding, idling and hopping up gutters (sometimes)…So there you have it. My life-unicycling story!

Anyway, about the tire pressure. I only just put some more air in it today before filming because the innertube was giving way under me when gapping and I was hitting the rim sometimes during a drop. I’m not sure if i can lower it any more from that (about 28 psi) I think I just have to push down more on my prehops.

Oh and thanks! :smiley:

Well I’m impressed and wheel walking as well!:slight_smile:


Nice then. I picked one up 9 months ago. And you just get hooked like that.

My goodness you are improving quite fast. well done. keep it up.

It’s largely to do with the OUT the game super beginners thread :slight_smile: It’s been making me push myself harder.

Only advice I can give is to hop away from the hand you hold the seat with consistantly. Looks like you’ve been playing around with hopping in both directions, which is good, but you’ll soon find that you can hop much higher when you hop away from the hand on the handle :wink:

Keep it up:)

I’m surprised you picked that up, I only started playing around with hopping in different ways a day before that video was filmed but as it is I can only comfortably jump to my right. If I go to the left I’m a bit wonkey.

I only jump to the left when doing a crank grab because I can’t jump with my back foot forwards yet. I’ll keep practicing and will try holding onto the seat with my left hand for a while so I can hop away from the hand on the handle.

Thanks so much for the tip :slight_smile:

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