My second muni ride!

Muni riding just keeps getting better and better! Today I went with some friends who were on bikes up and then down a nice track that’s quite close to my house. Some of the stuff up the very top of it will be a massive challenge for me because it’s extraordinarily technical with heaps of rocks and sticks everywhere. There was a lot that was ridable though and I once again had heaps of fun. I’ll get around to adding some videos to my gallery ( later on, but until then here’s a picture taken from a video…


p.s. There are some drops that are about 1m - 1.5m high with difficult landings…someday they’ll be mine! There’s also a see-saw and some other great stuff.

movie extracts - phil and sam's track 1.jpg

Great work Andrew. What are you using for a Muni?



It’s the one mentioned here . As you can see in the photo, I’ve not yet painted the frame. It’ll be metallic orange. Here it is…