My Seat is Killing Me

My wife recently bought me a new unicycle. I used to ride one as a kid (25 years ago). I was able to go around my block recently, so I was pretty psyched. The problem is that the seat absolutely crushes my stones. I have to wear a cup to ride it, but I’m getting royally chaffed.

It’s the upward curve in the front of the seat. I can see no way to ride this thing without smashing the family jewels. Is there a unicyle seat that doesn’t require wearing a cup?


Most gel seats are decent. The Kris Holm seem to be generally accepted to be the best.

You’re putting the family jewels in front not underneath, right…?

Some seats are better than others, I like the KH Fusion Freeride.

Position the seat with the front tipped up enough that your butt is on the rear of the seat.

Get bike shorts that pull your “stones” out of the way.

Use antichaffing stick, available at running stores.

Ride more, you’ll get more comfortable in time.

Most gel seats are decent. The Kris Holm seem to be generally accepted to be the best.

Underneath! :astonished: Yikes! Yeah, they’re in front getting smashed against the upward curve of the seat.

Thanks, I’ll check out the KH.

The KH freeride is the most popular long distance saddle

I have one. Also just as good for neighborhood riding is the KH street-trials seats that are on sale at UDC USA for 42 $. Maybe better for a small wheeled uni, it is less bulky.

That’s funny, I bought a cup just to try it before I started free mounting. A jock strap and padded bike shorts is about state of the art. I found the hard cup to be very painful. I suppose there are different kinds, the one I got was for standing only.

Post here what kind of uni you have, so we can tell you if you will need a new post. The KH seat will not fit on seat posts that have the wrong bolt pattern.

I don’t know how practice sitting can improve things, but it seems to. I can ride the 19 all afternoon with no real discomfort now. Seat pain becomes more of an issue with big wheels when you aren’t getting on and off much. I remember when I was starting seat pain was much worse. Definitely spring for the KH seat though, and maybe padded bike shorts.

As far as the nuts go, a jock may help some but shouldn’t be unnecessary if you pull your stuff forward when you get on.

Proper positioning of the junk is essential. I don’t so much think of it as the front of the seat, but rather as a special cushion just for my nuts.

Bike shorts help 600%.

I have a really crappy Avenir. Like this one

My wife didn’t know anything about uni’s, and got reamed for $90 for this thing at a local bike shop. It doesn’t even have a quick release for the seat. I cranked the nut (no pun intended) on the post clamp as hard as I could, and the seat still twists a little when I ride it. I’m going to see if I can get a refund, and maybe get a low end Torker.

Thanks for all the advice. I’m gonna get the bike shorts this weekend.

It’s not a bad thing ti start off cheap, I think most of us did. I’d skip the Torker and get either a Nimbus or KH, the ISIS hib is state of the art allowing more corssover use of parts.

I’m assuming you have a 20" now, if so, maybe a 24" for your second uni would make more sense?

my seat is really comfy:)

To coin a phrase, you’re doing it wrong. Any seat can be merciful on the wedding tackle if you sit right. You need to tuck your plumbs up front so that you’re not sitting on them, but instead they’re resting comfortable on the saddle infront of you. You may need to grab them and set them in place to start with but you soon learn to place them lightly on the saddle then pull it forwards as you lower your weight on to it so they get moved out in front. Some people like to wear tight cycling shorts or boxers to hold things in place. I’ve never heard of a unicyclist wearing a cup, other than beginners like yourself who think it might be a good idea to protect themselves.

Hope that helps, you’ll soon be moving on to the more common “my thighs are red raw” then the inevitbale “my ass goes to sleep while I’m riding” problems.

I am sorry I am slow getting back to you

Sorta forgot about this post. On the Avinor uni, I think you should buy one of these on sale KH street seats.

That uni looks ok for learning basic uni skills. Specs are sparse and I haven’t heard much about that brand, but it is likely as good as the next for a starter, once you put the KH seat on.

I don’t know for sure if the KH seat will bolt to your post, and no other riders seem to know. However, if you take a pic of the bottom of your seat- and post, and add it here, then we could say.

There are only 2 seat bolt patterns as far as I know. Most likely a KH seat will just bolt on, but if not, you must measure your seat post diameter ( 22 or 25 mm ), and then order a KH compatible post that will fit in your frame for about 10 $.

This uni is likely fine. Maybe add a set of 12 $ Odessy twisted plastic pedals. Put them in with blue loctite tight. Everyone thinks these are great cheap pedals, and some uni’s come with bad (slippery) pedals. Yours likely has crappy pedals.

This can be a great uni for learning basic pavement riding skills, idling and riding backwards.

If you decide you want to hop or ride muni, you should buy an ISIS splined crank uni. But until then, tell your wife that buying a new uni is always a good idea:), and get that KH seat.