My seat hurts - NEED HELP !!!

I am 46 and I have a 29" Torkker and so far I really like it. I am up to 5 miles now and want to be able to make it 10 miles. The only limiting factor is that my “bum” is killing me. I find myself after several miles needing to constantly “adjust” to keep my tail bone from hurting.
Does anybody have ideas that will help. I have bicycle pants (they sort of work). Is there something for the unicycle? “Handle bars”?? Air seat?

What is the best.

Dallas, TX

PS: Any others in Dallas out there??

Get a kh air seat , tilt it as far up as possible, and throw on a touring handle so you can put your weight on your arms more easily.

Welcome to one of the great mysteries of unicycle riding. I think we are all still looking for the perfect seat. :roll_eyes:

My riding limit is about 20 to 30 minutes. After that I have to rest my “seat” for a minute then I can keep going. I bought an air seat several years ago and that was not the answer. The gel seats seem to work better for me.

For the seat go for the Kris Holm fusion freeride saddle(very comfy),
for handles I hear that the T7 is decent enough(don’t know on this one though).
Do a quick search, there was this weird high handlebar thing at RTL that you could build if you really wanted to(run the designs by us first ;))

And Charles is right about the seat angle. Angle the front of the seat as far up as possible.

This isn’t universally true. I like the saddle adjusted in the middle. Angling it up puts the front of the saddle in the wrong place, and then the wide back is in the way of my legs for fast spinning.

Many distance riders don’t like the air seats because they’re not very comfortable over a long haul, and there’s no relief in the center. The KH Fusion Freeride is pretty widely accepted as the most comfortable stock saddle available for long distances. I think you should try one of those and then feel free to modify it as you see fit. Also, some people swear by the handles (like the T7) for adjusting their weight on the saddle.

I agree. I like a small amount of curve in the back of my saddle, but I do tilt the seat back some.

Anyway…to the original poster:

Since you have a Torker 29, you bought a low end 29er and probably aren’t looking to spend half the price of the unicycle on a new seat such as the KH fusion freeride. The fusion freeride is, however, the best stock saddle and is much better than the stock torker seat.

When I first started doing distance unicycling (as with most people I think) my limiting factor was the saddle soreness as well. It will get better over time, but several things as others have mentioned will help:

  1. a better seat
  2. a good handle

1- seat: we have already covered, the kh fusion freeride is the best
2- handle: this is more difficult because the only handle out there on the market that is any good is the T7. I am not entirely a fan of the T7 though because of the design and the handle position, but others who are used to the T7 seem to love them.

1+2 = the cost of your torker probably. You will be spending around 120 dollars for a decent seat set up. This of course does not include the new seat post you would need to buy to fit the T7 rails, since I think the stock torker seat post isn’t a rail type.

Cheaper solution: Just buy the KH fusion freeride seat and you can put some of your weight on the front of the small saddle handle. The Kh fusion freeride isn’t curved too much, so not tilting it isn’t a big deal and it will be a well invested 55 bucks.

Also cycling shorts help a lot.

As a 46 year old, I share your pain. Between my kids and me, we have 11 unicycles (including a Torker), so my rear end has rested on lots of saddles. The advice from others about the Kris Holm seat is accurate - in my experience, it is the best (although I have never tried an air saddle).

However, if you don’t want to spend on a KH, for somewhat less money you can get a Nimbus saddle (visit It is not quite as good as the Kris Holm, but it is vastly superior to the torker.

I personally like the seat way back for long distance with a relatively large wheel size, the placement of weight is important to me.
Also I prefer to suffer it out standing up on the pedals to keep from going numb on occasion, rather than bother with a big bulky handle(I’ve only ridden one of these once, I dunno I could learn to love it.)

However, if I’m going for speed I like it at about the same angle I have on my freestyle unicycle, probably because I get the most practice spinning fast riding that particular uni.

It’s all preference, I’m too lazy to keep adjusting it all the time so I try to find a good compromise(about what the uni came stock, usually:p)

Nimbus gel isn’t really designed for distance, more so for freestyle/flat.
And it’s only $15 less than the KH, so it’s worth it to get the better option(my crotch goes numb if I try to go distance on my freestyle uni without doing the occasional seatdrag)

If you do end up getting a KH seat then you will need to get a new seatpost as well. The seatpost that comes on the Torker AX and LX does not fit Kh style saddles.

It does get better

Although a new seat won’t work wonders, I find my but has grown tougher or something, so that seat pain is less of a problem then when I started out last year.:slight_smile:

Here is all the seats I own, on several unis, including a Torker ax 29. From best to worst.

  1. modded KH air seat. You have to take the cover off, arrange and duct tape the inner tube, and duct tape closed cell foam over that. Never lasts more then 500 miles or so, before it gets misshapen and I have to redo it.

2 KH free ride. The consensus favorite.

3 KH street, smaller and slimmer then all others, but still very comfy.

4 Nimbus gell - Torker ax (same as lx ?) Tie. The Torker isn’t so bad really, maybe 15 % less comfy then the free ride, although it’s hard to put a real number on that. Some people like the Nimbus, but it’s more rounded shape often made it feel like the seat was on slightly crocked, no matter how it was adjusted. Could just be me though.

5 unmodded KH air seat. Without a pad taped over the tubes, the inner tubes get pushed up into your genitals if it is soft, and it feels to hard if you inflate it more. This is a fine seat for a tinkerer, but you are much better off with the other KH seats in stock form.

The bolt pattern of the Torker seat post won’t fit a KH seat. I found a KH post will fit in a Torker ax frame. despite being listed as .5 mm larger then a Torker post.

Do you get callus’s on you butt?

Haha. I don’t. :smiley:

What has improved over time is my form. As my form has improved, the chaffing has been reduced because I’m not moving my butt around unnecessarily as much as I used to. When I ride on the road now, my upper body is almost completely relaxed and still (so long as I don’t hit an unexpected bump). The hand waving and twisting of my upper body is what causes a lot of extra rubbing on the saddle.

It happens to me when busking for 2 and a half hours on my giraffe, but I just leave it in the uncomfortable position for an hour and get use to it. An hour later I take it out and part of me feels on fire.

I live in the Richardson/Plano area. There was a North Texas thread in June: North Texas that you might be interested in if you haven’t read it already