my savage cranks keep coming loose

my savage cranks come loose every five mins while riding.
anyone know why?

Your cranks are of the square taper variety. I’m guessing that you have steel cranks and a slightly harder steel axle. Once the cranks work loose the inner taper on the crank will wobble and rub on the outer taper of the axle. This will slowly round out the square taper hopefully in the crank and not on the axle.

To install cranks properly, grease the axle taper slightly. Take the left crank and place it on the left side of the axle. Set the axle left crank and left side up on the floor against something soft, like a block of wood. Smack the crank hard with a large mallet or, lacking a mallet, place another block of wood on the crank and smack it hard with a hammer. Repeat for the right side. Place the crank nuts (or bolts) onto (or into) the axle threads. Tighten the left side firmly with a 14mm socket. Set the ratchet so that you can grip the ratchet handle and the crank at the same time and squeeze as hard as you can with both hands to tighten. Release the ratchet a notch and repeat until you can no longer tighten. Repeat for the right side.

If your cranks continue to come loose with normal use the taper is probably rounded. If so, replace the cranks. They’re about $10 a pair for the cheap ones that come on a Savage.

There is a search function on this site that will help you find many threads about installing cranks and other servicing. If you’re lucky, someone else will come on and tell you that my idea is stupid and then suggest an alternative.