My Sanfrancisco (unicycling) experience

Just got back from San Francisco: band tour. I cannot believe how cool it would have been to be in moab instead! I will be there next year. <JEALOUSY!>

Anyway, some notable things I did:
-Rode a unicycle in an elevator
-Rode on fishermans wharf and pier 39
-Tried gliding: didn’t work out too well on the mega-steep street I was on
-rode through Chinatown

Things I wanted to do, but couldn’t:
-ride across the Golden Gate bridge
-ride at Alcatraz

Fun stuff!

sweet!!! that is so awesome, I wish I could’ve been at moab as well… next year we’ll go for sure!!! so how was it? I tried to call you but nobody answered!! I’m so happy you’re back!

-Jonathan Ware-