My Rowing Muni

Thanks to a great deal from Frank A I’ve aquired yet another very cool unicycle. This thing is awesome.


NICE. that looks strong stronger than mine atleast =[.

. oops


is that a home-made hunter-style frame? or is it hunter
it looks like too small of an angle to be a hunter, looks almost DM vortex style

it’s sick though!

I don’t know the history of the frame but it’s called “Rowing” A name along side “Hunter, KH” etc.

Anyway, nice looking frame!

That thing is truely a work of art:D

It’s a production frame made in Europe by Joe Rowing.

Here is what Joe Rowing wrote me about that specifc frame:

"It was specially made to order and if I remember correctly it has slightly more height clearance than the other early ones. I believe it will fit a gazalodi although I prefer a halo or kujo as they have a more agile, rounder profile.
Everything on it was produced by myself. the machineing, tube bending, brazing etc.
The material is T45 and 4130 cromo tube and I use special high strength brazing filler.
The seat tube was made for a 22.2 cro-mo BMX post to be used with any of the rail-adaptors or my own carbon bonded rail seats.
That said the standard 22.0 will probably just about fit.
The bearing holders are precision machined to take the 40mm bearings of the profile hub. the standard square-taper hubs will also fit.

  • the frame pre-dates the KH hubs and the more recent KH MKII hubs (which I helped design)
    The finish is powder-coating, the inside is all waxoiled to rust-proof.
    If you’re curious about the design - it was built to my own design as the best MUni that money could produce.
    the twin-tubes are to reduce width of the frame whilst still providing plenty of clearance. It had to be steel to allow a little bit of zing when flicking it through singletrack.
    The twin stay at the back supports the rear stay in a much stiffer and lighter way than the Hunter. "

very nice!

Another satisfied customer :smiley:

Enjoy it Phil.
  • Frank

that is such a sick looking uni. U got a great deal for whatever u paid or did to get that. I would want a fatter tire tho on mine if i had one. but still thats an awesome lookin uni

That is a 3" tire. Only one is fatter than that.

Umm there’s clearance for 3inch tyres like the gaz/kuo/duro tyres (which it has in there).

I’m very happy you’re pleased with it. It looks good!

Just to be pedantic it’s a 24 inch “Blizzard” frame. Other designs/wheel sizes etc are available.

“Rowing” is the surname of the builder although Officially it was sold under the “One wheel Only” brand.

not true, i had a Wide Bite in my Rowing frame and it was closer to the stays…a Gazz will fit but rub the sides under hard cranking.

I’ve only zipped around the yard and street on it a little bit. This weekend I’ll take it to the mountain top…and back down again.