My Rolling Wrap Tutorial

It seemed to me that lots of people wanted a tutorial for this. I made one. Some things that helped me a ton that weren’t in there: Griptape. Definitely this stuff is great. Okay here ya go:::

Cool Thanks for the tutorial. I think it was pretty well done.

how do you place your foot on these, I’ve done about 10 or so seat wraps, but whenever I try them, my feet slip or my wheel moves due to improper foot pressure

Your feet should be on the cranks. If your feet are slipping I would suggest some griptape. I couldn’t do them, but I got a sheet of griptape, and then they were easy.:stuck_out_tongue:

Where exactly are you placing the grip tape (crank arms, around the end attached to the hub, on your inner thighs…)?

Put a strip on each side of the cranks. (4 strips)

Thanks for the little tutorial it helped me understand how the trick worked.

Would somebody please post a picture of where they placed their griptape on the cranks? Thanks.

I could probably post some later on.

Would you recommend having my seat lower than normal?

no I would recommend quite the opposite. If you raise your seat, it makes it much easier to transfer behind your back, as you don’t have to bend over so much.:slight_smile:


On the seatwrap hopping SIB really didn’t help me at all. What I did before I could get the full static wrap was hold onto a wall (actually, I used a car:p) very lightly with my free hand for the first half and then quickly move it back for the hand switch. After getting this down I was able to land my first seatwrap after about 5mins of going for the actual thing.

It took another week to get them consistent, then I learned crankrolls yesterday (having no clue as to what they were called) and almost landed the rolling wrap today–I got most of the second legwrap.

I have become a bit griptape obsessive lately. Practically everything in my reach has griptape on it now. To put it on the cranks I used a single strip about a 1/2 times the length of the crank and a little wider than the widest point. I put it around the end by the hub, pressed it down the length of the crank, and cut 2 slits in the tape on the back side of the crank to shape it to the crank. Finally I trimmed whatever extra that actually got in the way(a.k.a what I couldn’t press flat against the crank without overlap) in such a way as to maintain maximum coverage.

I’ll have to post pictures if I’m going to be able to communicate what I did to my frame :wink:

Is it possible to rolling wrap on a torker lx with the crappy lx cranks? Has anyone? Mine really suck, my feet slip off so easily. I can crankroll a little and really want to get better at flat. I’m getting a KH DC for Christmas (yesssss!), and plan on getting rollo disks.
And hopping sib didn’t help me either for seatwraps, but I can see how it might have.

Possible? Yes

Easy? No


really the only thing that I can say if you are trying to do flat on an LX is get griptape. It is EXTREMELY helpful. other than that, good luck.:o;)