My road uni is finally finished.

It’s taken me a while to build it but it’s finally finished, here’s a picture.

Frame:Nimbus II 29" frame (w/ canti bosses welded on and frame resprayed).

Wheel:UDC Wide CroMo hub built on a Mavic A119 rim with DT swiss champion spokes on a Schwalbe Big apple 28"x2.35 tyre.

Brake:Avid single digit 5 and a brandless brake lever.

Other bits:
Nimbus Gel Saddle,
Qu-AX aluminium 125mm crank arms,
Plastic Tioga pedals,
Chrome seatpost w/ a brake lever mount welded on.

nice! ahaha u gonna bring this bad boy to bristol? damn i’m gonna have to get one cause it’ll probably be awesome to ride :smiley:

btw is the saddle off ur trials ? how muhc did it cost roughly?

i read the title and thought you meant destroyed


nice, have you taken it on any long rides yet?

That’s seriously smart. Infinitely more practical than mine!

Out of interest, what made you choose plastic pedals?

Lots of folks like them because they’re lighter… I wonder if actually some decently grippy plastic pedals would work well on your Bacon Slicer; fits with the whole lightweight ethos really. Odessy Twisted PC and KHE Stimulatorz are supposed to be good although my truck-like big wheels run heavy metal pedals at the moment.

Thats a good looking 29er, a nice clean build. Have you thought about adding a handle to it? This is how I added my brakes.

29er 003.jpg

can you do a side profile of that uni Gatineau-Dave?

I’ve cut the rack down and leveled it out since that photo was taken. Though I don’t use the rack all that much any more.

That unicycle looks pretty intense, awesome job.

@torkerdx - lol, my thread title is pretty misleading.
@brendan - Yeah the saddle is off my old trials uni, so is the hub and cranks. Price wise I haven’t tallied it up but quite a bit because of the need to weld the brake mounts to the frame.

@austingillespie - No, I haven’t taken it far yet, about 2 miles yesterday, just to get a feel for it.

Mikefule@ - I’m using plastic pedals because I was trying to keep the cost down by using as many of the spare parts that I have as possible. I personally prefer plastic pedals, they’re lighter and have less malice towards my shins, albeit rubbish grip in the wet.

@Gatineau-Dave - Wow, your uni is really nice, I’m not planning to add a handle at the momment. I’m very new to the whole road uni thing, if need calls I’ll add one. Out of intrest why are there jubilee clips on your brake mounts (looks like they are already welded on nicely)?

What’s it like with a panier rack on the back like that, it must be hard to get on the uni with a huge thing like that in the way, especially when it’s loaded.

@All - Cheers for the replies guys, providing the weather isn’t completely aweful I’ll give it a proper ride today.

+1 :smiley:

One slight thing, I had a setup like this with a Mavic T269 touring rim, similar width, about 23mm I think. I found that putting the wider KH rim on made the fat tyre seem much nicer to ride. The only downside is that I guess I can’t switch down to a narrow tyre.


delcypher, that looks awesome! The white frame works really really well. The whole uni looks nice and neat. It feels awesome being able to cruise smoothly on a bigger wheel, I hope you enjoy it. You can always stick a Kenda Klaw tyre on there and try some big wheel muni, too - especially with that brake.

How far from the coast are you? Any chance of some beach riding? That could be pretty cool! Or skimming through the edge of the sea. Just watch that the salt water doesn’t rust everything up!

Whoa! I was looking at the other photo and wondering what the big clampy thing was! The rack setup is interesting. Did it work well for you? How much did you try carrying on it? What happened in a UPD?


I live fairly close to the sea, but I don’t like taking my unis near the sea. I took my trials uni there before, was great to ride but everything has since started to rust or corode (including my aluminum KH momment cranks :frowning: ).


I guess if you hose everything down when you get back from a ride that might help? Have never been close to the sea with my unis, so don’t know how much that’d make, but getting the salt off quick ought to help.