My Ride To Conquer Cancer

June 9-10 2012 Toronto to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
4850+ Cyclists 220+km 18.1 million dollars raised for cancer care and research
Kh36" 100mm Quax Cranks

Ever since owning my KH36 I have wondered If I could do this ride. The fundraising minimum was $2500.00, I had a great response at work and on Facebook and raised $3550.00 for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

Day 1 (June 9th) We started from The Direct Energy Centre at 8:30am. The heavy rain stopped and the sun came out, but the rest of the day was light rain on and off. I stayed around the back of the group, but after the hill climbs around Hamilton, some of the bicyclists behind me were finished 2 hours after me. I finished 5:20pm at Hamilton camp. 117km or so.

Around the 100km sign I mounted and noticed my seat twisted, not at the clamp, but between the two pieces of my old-stye KH seat post. I was still fine to ride it back to camp, where the Norco repair tent drilled in a screw for me. The guy in the tent had known Kris from his Norco days.

The Hamilton camp had free beer/wine, massages, great food, bands, hot showers, and a tent city to accommodate the 4800+ quite well.

Day 2 (June 10th) Started 7:40am from camp, hot and sunny all day. I had some saddle sores and blisters on my baby toe because I forgot to bring my 510’s but was still good to ride. The course was more flat, and I was not in a rush so I was almost at the back, but finished around 15 minutes before the last riders. 4:40pm Niagara finish 105km or more. I was happy to find there was more free beer at the finish line.

I was really happy to have my riding time under 9hrs. both days, and to finish in front of bikes both days. Everyone was cheering me on the whole way, no one could believe I could do the whole ride and handle hill climbs. This was the best ride of my life, I had a amazing time all weekend.

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Nice effort on the fundraising for a great cause, that must feel really good beside the satisfaction of enduring a long bicycle event on a unicycle. Thanks for taking the time to share and let us all live vicariously through the experience a little.

Ben that’s awesome. What a great effort and contribution. Very inspirational, thank you for sharing.

Awesome Job!!!

220km on 100mm cranks. You ROCK! Nice job with the fund raising too.

I’m preparing for a 24 hour event. I’m going to ride a triton 29er with schwalbe marathon tire. I’m still getting used to the 29 and the tire is still new (improved handling over the big apple I had on it).

I’m shooting for 50 miles; now you have me thinking I shot too low.

I’m sure you’re a better rider than I am but dude, 220k+? Wowa.

I’ve raised somewhere around $2200 so far. I thought that was good, but again, you are out there. I can definitely appreciate your fundraising prowess.

Nice write up Ben! There is nothing more satisfying than passing a bicycle on a unicycle :sunglasses: . To be able to finish a race (of 70 miles per day) in front of any bicyclist is a feat. I’m beginning to understand why you use those tiny cranks :astonished: .

Great effort and well done.
100km plus 2 days in a row.

when I read the Thread title I thought you were diagnosed with cancer and were fighting it.
This could be an interesting thread: does intense unicycling cures cancer or slows it, or are unicyclists more prone to specific cancers. Well these are good themes for a medical thesis!