My revised Muni

I’m so stoked, and the weather is horribly stormy, so I figured I’d share…

For Christmas, I asked for a KH Moment hub and crankset, with 165mm cranks. Well, it arrived yesterday. “How do you know when your own secret Xmas present arrives, Tyler?” Simple: you go to UPS reference tracking, type in “” as the reference number, give the area code and shipping date time frame, and there you go! Back to the story, it arrived yesterday, and the maternal told me that the paternal took it to the bike shop to get the wheel built today. So, my previously unsplined Muni will soon have the sweetest hub and cranks evah! :sunglasses:

The specs:

  • KH Seat
  • Yuni frame
  • 24" x 3" Duro Wildlife Leopard tire
  • Alex DX32 rim
  • UDC Wide hub [I]before[/I], KH Moment [I]after[/I]
  • Random 165mm bike cranks [I]before[/I], KH Moment [I]after[/I]
  • Bulletproof Alloy pedals

So, do you guys and gals think the new hub and crankset will make a difference? Will I feel the awesomeness, or just notice it when I go off of a 6 foot drop and it doesn’t bend? :slight_smile: I can’t wait to try it out!

I don’t think your going to go off a 6 foot drop, and if you do I’m pretty sure your gonna be more worried about hurting yourself than you will about hurting your muni.
I still can’t picture you doing muni tyler, from what I have seen your too clean cut and you just don’t match my stereotype of a muni rider, but from some pics you look good.
Well anyways, sounds pretty cool. So you didn’t know it was ordered for you but you just guessed is that right?
Or did you know it was ordered but didn’t know the tracking number?

Maternal? Paternal? ::eyeroll::

Anyways, your muni will probably be heavier since splined is heavier, so you’ll notice a bit of a difference in handling. I would also recommend trying some 150mm cranks since you are shorter. 165mm seem awful big for a young person who isn’t fully grown yet. Eitherway, have fun.

IIRC, the Yuni frame isn’t compatible with the KH hub… at least the '05 KH hub. I tried ordering one for my Yuni frame and UDC recommended the Profile instead, to avoid any problems. I hope you have some bearing spacers on hand!

As for the difference in ride, the muni itself will be slightly heavier, but since the weight is at the center of the wheel you won’t notice much difference in how the muni rolls.


The reliability of a splined setup compared to a standard square taper setup is something to consider too. It’s not just advantages in strength. The splined setup is much much less likely to have a crank come loose and fall off during a ride. So even if you ignore the strength benefits the reliability factor is an advantage for splined cranks.

Are you sure? I have a Koxx-one hub in a Yuni frame and I thought they had the same bearing specs as the KH (at least the outer specs).

I’m fairly good at Muni and I’m improving faster at it than any other type of riding. My biggest drop is probably in the 3 foot range, and I can hop up stairs/obstacles fairly well, so I’m decent. I’m still clean cut, though, no worries. :wink:

Here’s a couple of pics for proof that I Muni… :stuck_out_tongue:

KH Moment:
Flange width-Center flange to center flange- 75mm, Flange diameter- 65.5 mm

UDC Wide:
Center Flange to center flange distance is 71mm. Flange OD is 66mm. Flange width is 3mm.

Is that difference in width a problem?

awesome second pic.

here are mine;)

mornish you have some crazy riding locations. says in an envious tone

Hello UniTyler, Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know that anyone could do that search through ups.

I just checked reference for my zip code. Unfortunately I can account for every one of the orders for the year. Was hoping to find that there was another local unicyclist ordering stuff.

Edit: I checked another local zip and found some lucky person did receive a package to their door from UDC, just before christmas. :slight_smile:

I wana ride there :frowning:

Bearing compatiblity was the problem… the OD of the KH-compatible bearings is a few mm smaller than that of the Profile-compatible bearings. You may be able to shim the bearings to fit into the frame, but it doesn’t sound like a super-reliable fix to me.

Either I’m not understanding maestro, or he is wrong. I was under the impression that KH bearings are 42mm OD, and that the Profile compatible bearings are 40mm OD. If that is the case, then the bearing caps on your frame (a yuni made for 40mmOD bearings) will be a tiny bit too small for the KH bearings. Your obviously can’t shim it smaller, but it might not be much of a problem because the Yuni frame doesn’t have machined bearing holders. You can probably fit the bearings in it, but it might be really snug and that may decrease the life of your bearings. Just make sure that wheel still spins freely.

I fit it in! It was not hard at all to get the bearings in, and they looked completely perfect with no excess pressure on them at all. In fact, you could never tell that they were “too big” if you didn’t know it beforehand. The flange was a perfect fit for the frame, with no spreading or pushing involved to get it on. It was really a remarkable fit; as if they were made for each other! :slight_smile: They ride great, by the way, and the cranks were easy as pie to get on. You just tap them on a bit with a rubber mallet, then screw them on with an 8mm allen wrench until solid against the spacer. I didn’t have a very long allen wrench for good torque, so I just tapped it with a mallet to help, until it pressed solidly against the spacer.

Wow Tyler, that is one pretty wheel. Looks like your having a happy Christmas.

You betcha! :smiley:

whoah! awesomeness!

have you tested it out yet?

Are you kiddin’?! :smiley: I’ve not yet been on a full offroad Muni ride yet, but I’ve been hopping up and down stairs to my hearts content. I even managed to gap sideways down two wide stairs from a standstill today. :slight_smile: