my review of the kh 20.

I’d like to start by saying that the kh 20 is obviously a very good uni. However, I don’t think it’s worth 470$ at all. At first I thought the weight made a huge difference. After all, I went from a 17-18 pound 24" dx to this thing and my hop height improved drastically. That was 3 months ago, and now I have a very different opinion. I rode my 24" dx again for the first time in about 3 months this weekend, and realized I could hop higher than my 20". I was like in awe. I’ve realized that weight basically makes very little difference if any. It’s apparently mostly in confidence.

Another thing, my kh20 hub creaks, both pedals already have play in them, and the axle is very very slighty bent. Very slightly though. I don’t notice it when I ride but when I hold it and spin the wheel I can see the axle is a lil off. The rim is also much much more out of true than my 24" alex dx rim. I’ve done about 500 more drops with no rollout whatsoever on my dx. Also keep in mind that I’ve barely maintenenced my dx whatsoever, and I have maintenenced my kh

So basically I kinda regret buying the kh20. I mean, like I said it’s still a great uni, but now I would’ve rather just bought a 20" dx and saved myself 200$. Especially since I now realize weight makes no difference.

everyone might have different experiences with their dxes and khes, but I say just save yourself 200$ and get the slightly heavier but just as strong, if not stronger, dx.

Are you talking about the 05 or 07 KH?

err…I guess i shouldve mentioned that. The 07.

That’s strange, i’ve had mine for a few months and it’s been great. i agree with the weight thing though. My friend got a dx for Christmas, and it didn’t make a huge difference. I’m sorry that you’re having problems with it, mine’s been great.

Well it is going to cost me close to the price of the KH to ship the DX to my home, so KH it is.

now just for UDC Aus or NZ to get them in stock…

The fact that the KH is a fairly cheap trials uni that gives you the option of having longer cranks kind of makes up for it. The lightness is just whatever you get used to but the longer cranks are definitally better. Your only other choices are K1, Profiles, or older cranks like the onzas. All of these unis are either the same or more expencive so in comparison it is probably the best deal for a stock uni that gives you long cranks.

I think they do sell them. But just probably forget to update their website because of orders coming in. You could try calling them seeming as it is a freecall number. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they do sell them. But just probably forget to update their website because of orders coming in. You could try calling them seeming as it is a freecall number. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the one you want???

Dont worry, i email them about once every two weeks asking if there is any in yet. but luckily they have managed to find me one. I shall have it before the month is out!!

Yipee, Hope it all works out 4 you my friend. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thankyou, i am sure it will.

i thought you could get a DX for 350ish, including shipping to australia.

yeah that is what i was told, but i contacted the Ebay man that sells them and he quoted $150 or something shipping to my postcode and then i had convert the American dollars which then came to about $350 +$150 = $450 and then factored in the fact that i would rather a KH and that i am not sure whether to trust the overseas shipping i thought; bugger it, tis safer to buy from here and get a product i want.

and also the one on ebay is the 2006 model

i think the user brownboy or something like that has a DX, and he lives in victoria. he got it for 300 and something i think.

anyway, 150 shipping for a DX is pretty good considering a coker to my house is only 564$ american.

id prefer the 07 KH than the DX anyways.

" "

yeah i remmember him, brownboy that is.

500 for postage :o i oh dear

I got my KH06 for £135 on special offer (thats about $265). Definately well worth the price

Seems in stock

did you get it from here?

In stock now, they where not four weeks ago when i bought mine. UDC Australia where great!

and Reef, i got it from UDC, i saw it there but it was the 05 model or should i say, the model before the 07 :slight_smile: