My resume

Since we’re on the topic of resumes and I am currently looking for a job
since I graduate in May, I thought I’d get some opinions on my resume.
Please feel free to comment on any aspect of it so that I can possibly
improve on it.


  • Gilby

Re: My resume

> Objective
> An entry-level position in engineering with emphasis in
> computer-assisted design, web development, or management

Remove “management”. You don’t have any real-world experience, and any
interviewing manager is going to see that. You more than likely won’t be
considered for a management position for a few years. (the .com days are
> Education

List your Degree(s)

> Computer Skills
> Pro Engineer (Pro/E), Ansys
> C++, Perl, Matlab, and PHP programming languages

What have you DONE with these skills? List some things (even school
projects) in which you have used these tools/languages/skills.

> Extracurricular Activities
> Hobbies and Interests
> Awards Received
> Travels

There’s absolutely no need for these items. Hiring managers won’t care
what you did after school, or what awards you’ve won. And they certainly
won’t care to hear about the places you’ve been that they haven’t. :wink:
The only things these items give you in an interview is common points of
interest to spark a conversation with the interviewer. (which is
sometimes a good thing, social/cultural considerations are important as

> References
> Available on request

If you’re not going to include them, don’t make a section for them. It
makes it look like there’s something missing.

These are all tips I got when I was interviewing, and tips I’m giving
you now that I’m the interviewer.