my report on greg harper

Where can I find this photo?

Wow, cheers for reviving this thread, I’d have never seen that beautiful photo otherwise :slight_smile:

There are some people out there who have that image on a T-shirt…

They didn’t hold up to washing very well, so the only ones left are the ones that never got washed!

Nice shirt, Jacquie. The next batch you make will look better in navy blue, John. Please let me know when they’re ready. I’ll want a couple of XL.

I think a reprint may be in order?

Thanks for unearthing this 15 years old thread!
Where is Ben these days?

Sadly, mine did not survive an unfortunate vermin event several years ago.

I am proud to have worn it while shopping at Home Depot and to a church picnic. It was an ice breaker to be sure.

If there ever is a reissue, I’m in for sure.


PS: I had the awesome pleasure of joining Pierre and 8 other unicyclists for a 10K sunset ride around Paris. They ride every Tuesday evening!

I also had the pleasure of riding with Pierre for the much longer Annual (2016) ride from NYC City Hall, Manhattan, across the Brooklyn Bridge, through Brooklyn all the way to Coney Island! Hope we can do it together again this year!