My Qu-ax has arrived

To my surprise
Got a note in the mail yesterday from the post affice to come collect my new uni :smiley: Qu ax trials

It got here (South Africa) in less than two weeks scince i ordered it, really amazed how quick it got here. I was expecting a month or more.

I cant wait till 4 oclock (when i knock off work) to go pick it up.

On the down side Ive been off my uni for the past three weeks coz I sprained my ankle, Im really tempted to strap it up real tight and go for a ride when i get home- but no jumping around :frowning:

or maybe ill stay on the safe side and watch the video (1wheel no limits) i ordered with it

Quick question
What is the min. inside rim width for 26 x 2.5 Hookworm
& 26 x 2.6 Guzz tyre.


strap it up and ride,then watch the video.

be carefull with that ankle
if u want the uni checked out, i’ll be happy to do it for u at the club on thursday night


I have found riding gentally to be helpful when my ankle is in pain. As long as Im careful, that is.