my prostate

Hey i was jsut curious. I just staqrted unicycling. And i apparently am skinny and have no ass. Now ive ajusted the seat on my beginer uni, foreward and back but niether seems to keep me off of my prostate. I love my prostate, and it loves me and i dont think it needs that much attention. So i guess what im asking is what the fuk do i do. Or what am i doing wrong. Perhaps a different seat, or add on to the seat, and believe me i have tried to gain wieght and it just dont happen. So any suggestions would be great!
th anks

Time to start experimenting with padding your seat in exotic fashion?
Leaving an open space down the middle, like bike saddles sometimes do?
Maybe take out the stock seat foam and replace it with a piece of memory foam, like the new mattresses are made from.
Maybe you could get a piece of closed cell foam like the kayakers outfit their boats with and use an X=acto and a piece of ‘dragonskin’ metal sanding sheet to custom outfit a saddle.

Good luck.

Bike nix.

Try a good pair padded bicycle shorts!! I tried every seat out there and still had a similar problem to yours! Padded shorts takes care of that prostrate and holds in those precious dangling bits so you can ride on without leaning the unicle to compensate!

It seems 1/3 of this forum are teens, 1/3 are mid age and the other 1/3 are those of us in our later years (second childhood).

My winning seat combinations are the padded unicycle shorts + a Kris Holme seat! This allows me about 2 to 4 hours of ride time with little or no discomfort.

Good luck!

You forgot to tell us what you’re sitting on. If not sure of the seat brand, look on for a picture of a similar one (either under whole cycles, or under parts). Post a link to the page with the picture for best results.

Also look into some cycling shorts if you don’t have any. They won’t fix a pressure-on-the-midline problem, but they make a great difference in comfort otherwise.

Some crotches just have more problems with unicycle (or bike) seats than others. What you need is probably something flatter. If your current seat is round on top it’s putting too much pressure in the wrong place. I prefer air seats for best comfort, but most importantly you have to get your weight more onto your sit bones and away from the centerline.

Just wandering is there any risk in doing permanent damage to the region in subect?
Should I be worried about becoming unable to produce little ones because of unicycling?

Even if you are it would be a hard dilema eh? Unicycling or evil-army of children… hard to choose.

Oh, and by Evil I mean nice.

And by army I mean familly.

Re: my prostate

munimanpete wrote:
> Just wandering is there any risk in doing permanent damage to the region
> in subect?
> Should I be worried about becoming unable to produce little ones because
> of unicycling?

Hey, Jayne, you were right.

A few days ago, in another thread, Sarah Miller wrote:
"Looking at the rate the UK Unicycling mob are producing children I
think you would be able to sell on an out grown tiny uni in a few
quite easily. After all the BUC now has to have a chrech ( can’t spell
it, you know, place for small kids to be kept while parents do
something more interesting) , quite a change from the pub crawling
debuchery of a few years ago. "

Of course you should be careful. Wear decent cycling shorts, find a
seat that suits you and make sure it’s properly adjusted. Change your
riding habits if you start to suffer from pain or numbness. But as long
as you don’t ignore the warning signs of impending damage, you should be

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

a picture if this works of my current seat

i am riding a beginer model lets see if this picture comes out it is similiar to this one…thaks for all the suggestions peeps…

apparently im computer illiterate.

I do not have shorts but will check into them, they just basic shorts, padded, some wierd funky kind i know nothing of?

I may try MESSING with my seat a bit, but it is definately taking the beating i as a beginer am giving it. So its got perks. any how thanks a bunch ill keep checking for more tips.

A flatter crotch? :astonished: I like unicycling and all, but that seems like a pretty extreme modification…