My progress. Is that good?

I’ve been Unicycling for a month and 13 days now and can do this:

Static mount left/right
Rollback mount left
jump mount left
rolling mount
can almost perfectly side mount
20% of the time can reverse mount
10% of the time can land the Kickup mount
i’m level 2
can do about 13 idles left foot down
go down 3 stairs
can drop 1.5 feet

and am working on these things but don’t have any reall progress yet:

seat out front
riding on skiny objects (30 cm wide)

Is this good progress? What should I try to learn next?




Nice work! Now that you can do a jump mount, I think you should try a suicide mount. It’s quite easy once you’ve landed it once. It’s just scary for the first time. I think the most important thing at the moment would be to get your idling up to the stage where you can do it for almost as long as you want. Can you hop on the spot to keep your balance? I think being able to do still stands and hop every now and then to correct your balance is really important.

Good luck,

Hey I’ve been unicycling the same amount of time you have (exactly). As Andrew said you should try the suicide mount, I found it easier than the side mount and I can’t even do a kickup mount. Also try seat out back. I find it alot easier than seat out front. You could also probably do one footed. I got 20 pedals to with it. In fact I think it’s easier than idling or going backwards.


I was able to get mine to fly two time around the basketball court with out touching the pedals at all. After only about ten minutes of ever being on a unicycle. Is that good? :smiley: :sunglasses:

Thanks breathingmurder, I tried the one footed for about 10 minutes this morning and found it quite easy, but could’nt continue because I have a cold. I’ll be sure to try seat out back sometime soon.

Thanks andrew_carter, when I’m doing the suicide mount is it best to learn with the seat lowered, so that it seams less scary?

Thanks everybody


Hey breathingmurder are you located anywhere near me? if so we should go for a ride.


Re: My progress. Is that good?

Humility, modesty and self-deprecation :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Re: My progress. Is that good?

It’s not bad. On my first day, I was able to suicide mount into a smoky burnout, laying a six foot patch of rubber, before going into a head-stand on the seat coast. In the days following, I rapidly progressed to level 255, then abruptly lost interest, because I had nowhere to go. So now I just post.

Jealous??? :slight_smile:

Take a break. Let the rest of us catch up with you. :slight_smile:

And congratulations, by the way. I’ll be at your current skill level soon – in about a year!

uni57 (Dave)

Dave remember to practice, practice, practice and you’ll be there in no time. I practice about an hour (average) per day and go for one real ride on the weekend with others. Wow your really good…

                                                 At story telling;)


nu_uni Your from Canada? If so I’m nowhere near you. I live in Memphis Tennessee.


Dude, come join the MUC- we’ll have you doing a kick-up in 15 minutes- and besides, I need you to help me with the hole ‘one foot’ thang; I suck. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m from Canada. I can now do about 3 revolutions on average one footed. Thanks for the inspiration and suggestions. Are you going to the ??Tuque?? games?