My Progress is pretty good for one month

I’ve been riding sine May 4, 2003. And even then the first week was pretty shaky.

Just Yesterday i hopped up 7 steps rode up and down some nice easy inclines over a distance of 100 meters, hopped down three steps with no trouble, rode another 100 or so and ended up back where i started. without stopping or falling of.

Once again, not very impressive, but again, that’s only a month. Where were you at within a month?

I’m still working on taking a uni trip through the heart of the town. Really looking forward to it it’s gonna be alot of fun.

I think you are doing good for one month. Of course your young and invincible.:slight_smile: So you probably are willing to risk a lot more to get better than some of us old timers. I am getting there though. How much time do you spend on your Uni everyday?

I have been going out late at night uniing for about a half hour to an hour. Before that i would spend anythere from 15min. to a half hour a day since i started