My profile from the Vietnam/Cambodia trip

They profiled me on the OXFAM Australia website :smiley:

I would encourage some of you Aussie/Kiwi/UK riders to give the OXFAM challenges a go- it really is a worthwhile experience. Not only are you raising money for charity- you get to experience a unicycle tour like no other. There’s not been many unitours through some of these developing countries, so most of them have never seen a unicycle- you 'll get the most amazing reactions! I rate it as the best thing I’ve ever done (aside from learning to unicycle)!


Great profile.

They mentioned you rode your uni on the Annapurna circuit. How was that?


Thanks Kris!

You and Nathan were my inspiration when I decided to travel with my MUni back in 2002. (I think UNIZABA was still being put together, but I saw the trailer). I spent about 6 weeks in Nepal, 5 weeks in the UK and then about a month in Iceland.

I didn’t have much time to do the whole Annapurna Circuit- I just did a little bit of it. It was really awesome- quite difficult to ride. There was a lot of carrying up some very steep, rocky steps. I think the unicycle was a much better alternative to a MTB because of all this carrying. The bits that were rideable was pretty awesome though. Unfortunately I fell down a bank at the end of my Unitrek and broke my ankle. Not a particularly technical section, just landed on my ankle and twisted it funny- could have happened anywhere.

I loved riding around Kathmandu- it’s such a cool place. On the streets I was weaving in and out of of tuk tuks, cows, chickens, buses, rickshaws, bicycles filled with enormous cartloads of eggs/etc, little old men carrying furniture on their heads- it was fun!
My Nepal photos

I felt a bit bummed that I couldn’t ride down some of the Icelandic volcanoes because my leg was just out of plaster and non-weighbearing. I did manage to unicycle in the Reykjavik marathon right at the end of my trip though. And I introduced some Icelanders at the Icelandic MTB club to the sport of MUNi. Iceland would be an ideal place for MUni adventures or a Unicycle Tour- it’s beautiful.
Iceland photos

And yeah, my Cambodia cycle tour was my latest Adventure Unicycle trip.
Vietnam/Cambodia photos


p/s- I reckon you should do a trip to Cambodia sometime Kris- I can imagine you doing some pretty amazing stuff on the Angkor temple ruins.