My Potential Uni

I’ve finally worn my mum down enough to get her to agree to buy me a unicycle. I’ve set my sights on a Schwinn 20". We’re going to order it Tuesday off… That is, if no one here has any strong objections to using this as a beginner’s unicycle!

So, please, if you don’t speak up now, this is what I’ll be learning on:

Congratulations on getting mom to agree to it. Just curious how you happen to pick the Schwinn unicycle.

My reasoning is:

It’s one of the cheapest 20-inch unis on the website that (at least, don’t APPEAR to be) too junky. At least, unless someone convinces me otherwise (what I’m looking out for with this post…)

It claims to be stronger than most other unis, which is good, because I’m going to be dropping it a lot.

The flat blades are unique looking. Not that a uni itself isn’t unique around here, but… still, very cool.

I don’t know, really. It was a toss-up between a Torker and this Schwinn, but the Torker ended up falling through. My mom wasn’t comfortable ordering off the website we found it on. There were some other possibilities on (see my last post), but they’re all a bit pricier. It’s too bad, though, I wanted a better seat. Oh well. I’ll break out the duct tape.

I’m not sure if you just couldn’t find it on but here is the link to the Torker. It’s cheaper, money wise, has a better seat, and rave reviews from many other unicyclist including myself. I actually have a 20" and a 24" LX Torker. I’ve been extremely happy with both of them.

I can’t say for sure, but I believe that the Schwinn is a rather heavy unicycle, not necessarilly stronger, but heavier. Pretty sure that I saw it on a post when I was looking to purchase my first uni.


didn’t see that.

okay, the debate is on. Torker or Schwinn?

Was tough to find when I was looking for it originally. It is located in the Freestyle Advanced section.

One last thing, I did this when I ordered my 24". I had swap the Miyata seat that came with it for a KH seat. You’ll also have to purchase a different seat post to fit the new KH seat. There wasn’t much of a difference in price for the seats only $8.00. I think the seat post was around $20.00. So for about the same price as the Schwinn, you get a really awesome uni with a terrific seat.

If you decide to go this route, call on the phone and tell them what you would like to do. They will handle the rest for you.

Good luck in your decision.

That sounds… great, actually. I might have to convince my mum into calling the place. I think she just wants to push a button and have it over with. But I’ll talk to her about it. And I’ll DEFINITELY keep it in mind.

Any other thoughts?

on second thought…

Isn’t the KH saddle something like 40-something dollars?

Plus another 20 for the new post?


Owww, my wallet…

Unless you mean to say that they don’t charge for the saddle seperately…

Ahhh, logistics.

Well the torker comes with a torker seat (basically a miyata) that is worth around $40. So they give you the KH in exchange for your miyata and $8. But then you have to buy a post which is about $12. So add $20 to the cost of a torker.


I’m mathematically retarded. Sorry. I get it now. Thanks. blushes

I pretty much agree with all that has been said. KH seats are worth it.

Torker is great

I just got a 24 Torker LX last week. I got mine on ebay, brand new from someplace on the east coast. Ordered on tuesday and had it by Friday, with the original seat. Was $65 plus shipping.

Anyway, this is my first uni. I have been an avid biker for 20 years. The quality is very good for $65. 48 spoke wheel(alloy), double allen bolt seat clamp.

Best deal out there. Once I wear it out, then I will invest in a Coker.

With or without the KH seat the torker is a better unicycle and the stock torker seat is much better than the viscount that comes on the schwinn. The schwinn is realy heavy and not any stronger than the torker. You will be much happier with the torker.

Torker torker torker torker
cheeper, beter, more reliable, lighter, beter seat better everything

something else to consider is what you plan to do with the unicycle after you learn. Just riding around is great, but on a 20 incher you are going to be going slow. 20s are great for learning skills like hopping and one foot riding etc, but neither the schwinn nor the Torker LX will be able to take hops or drops in excess of a couple feet. I know that may sound big now, but it won’t take long till you are at that level. I would suggest considering the Torker DX. It does cost more then double the Torker LX, but it’s much stronger and comes with a KH (or at least something very similar) saddle. The DX is not the strongest but it’s a lot stronger then the LX.

But, if money is an absolute issue (which it is for me much of the time) the LX is a very good value. I’ve owned my share of them.