My plastics broke :(, mid range metal pedals?

The axle in my plastic pedal snapped clean after a little hopping, I’d like to get back on one wheel asap so a little advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:
Basically I’ve been doing some digging through the archives and have got a few names, but I’m not really sure which would be best for me. I’m only on my first uni so I don’t really want to be paying >£50 (80$) for top end pedals.
So Straitlines and Kona Wah Wahs are a little out of my price range, but these are some mid range ones I’ve been hearing about:
Wellgo MG-1
Da Bomb Napalm Bomb
Any other suggestions would be appreciated…
Atm I’m doing light trials and light muni, and I’ve found that I’ve really had to hold down onto my seat and push my feet into those plastics to stay on when doing muni which I’m hoping metals will remedy.
And obviously I want the new pedals to be strong enough to withstand lots of hopping around and not snap like the crappy plastics did!
Want something that will last at least 4-5months.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I say go MG-1 or MG-52.

Hard to find much info about the mg-52s, what is the difference between them and the mg-1s? And why go for Wellgo rather than snafu/other?

Wellgo actually makes the spindles for most mid-range pedals regardless of brand. Since the strength of most pedals depend on the spindle most pedals are actually effectively the same strength.

If you like plastics the twisted PCs are pretty good.

Wellgo’s sealed-bearing pedals have a retention mechanism which will eventually fail. So if you get Wellgo, get pedals without sealed bearings.

For metal pedals it looks like welgo would be the best bet for midrange then, I also came across the Eastern pedals inside the same pricerange which tbh I have no idea whether are any better or worse :stuck_out_tongue:

But I may well go for the twisted PCs now you mention it considering they are a lot cheaper, but wondering how they would do for grip if I decided to go to the woods. Obviously they can’t be any worse than my old ones, but my old ones were pretty bad xD

@tholub, it seems that MG-1s are always sealed although they are a popular pedal to go for… I guess it depends how long ‘eventually fail’ means to whether or not I should consider them then?


What about these they are cheap and not to bad from my experience.

How long they’ll last depends on how much you abuse them, but if you open up the pedal and look at the mechanism, you would see that it’s not really engineered for trials and MUni.

I like the Twisted PC, it’s cheap and solid. It has better grip than the pedals you were using, but not as much as a metal pedal. The Twisted Pro is similar, still cheap and metal.

Ok thanks guys, you’ve persuaded me to go for the Twisted PCs :slight_smile:
I guessed that if I’ve been able to survive with the stock plastics then these will be a vast improvement anyway, plus these seem very good quality (plus the low price) and have been promoted by all you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I figured that eventually I’m going to get a muni anyway… one day… so I might as well keep one uni with plastics on - also this way I won’t get chunks of flesh taken out of my legs xP

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like this thread has died already, but i’d like to add my 2 cents for future forum searchers.

I’ve switched to Odyssey Twisted PCs on my trials AND muni. Personally, i’m glad they don’t grip as much as metal pedals. They hook up when you need them to and let go when you need them to (like during a bail or adjusting your foot position on the pedal while riding). The only time i’ve wished i had metal pedals again during muni has been in muddy conditions.

They kick ass and take names in trials, too. The only down side is that crank/pedal grabs really wear down the nubs, so you may go through a set a year, but the spindles have handled repeated 3 ft. + drops with no problems.

Basically, i’ve been super-satisfied and would still buy them at twice the price. (Don’t get any ideas, Odyssey or Odyssey retailers).

Since you’ve revived this I might as well do a followup to my purchase.
These pedals are exactly what I wanted, so thanks again everyone who suggested them :stuck_out_tongue:

The grip is great, whatever I’m doing I have plenty of stick which gets me through my local woodlands fine, no longer do I need to consciously push my feet down onto the pedals for a little extra grip.
The surface area is also definitely adequate, being square rather than rounded also makes a difference.
And another thing, although most pedals are probably like this anyway (my old ones weren’t), having an angle at the two ends of the pedal is definitely an advantage to square ends, my feet always drop smoothly onto the surface :slight_smile: