My Pictures - Finally

Right, we have finally got the film in our camera developed, and on this film was a lot of pictures I have promised people they could see. Instead of seperate threads I’ll just post them on here linking to the appropriate threads.
First up is my cut open knee… These aren’t too gruesome, you can’t actually see the cut just a lot of blood - see this thread

Next up some pics of my new (well not so new now) unicycle. I haven’t actually promised anyone these pics…but I’ve known I was gonna post them for a while.
Got my uni for $670 from Australia. It kicks ass. Specs:
Seat: KH
Frame: Yuni
Hub & Cranks: KH
Tire: Luna B!ke trials
Rim: Alex DX32
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Pro
Anyway this a very cool unicycle. The pictures:

Nice. Most of us have had fun gushers like those. I did when I got a piece of glass in my knee. and when I fell and a rock cut my elbow open. I bet the scar looks nice.

Now some pictures of my newly constructed funbox. I really like it and its handy to have, for grinding, hopping and setting up lines with skinnies and sandwich boards etc.
Its about 1m 30 long, 40cm high, and 70cm wide:
It has a cool stencil of Che Guevara on the top, and two unicycles.
See this thread and this thread

I also have some pictures of me riding on my funbox if anybody would like to see.

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Very nice! Can’t tell from the pics- but it just looked like it’s been steristripped. I’ll suture* that up properly for you next time :smiley:


(*feels sudden impulse to sew things up)

Leg armor good! Awesome funbox, makes me want to go out and build something while I have no uni to ride(1 was just sold and 1 has a broken crank) So for the moment I am limeted to one footing, and wheelwalking… But definetely a cool box.

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I originally had 10 stitches. But because of all the mud it soon got infected, so they took the stiches out to let the puss ooze or something, and replaced it with those things.

Where did you end up getting your angle iron from?

Great pictures.

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Niiiiiiice!! That’s one of the best unicycling injuries I’ve seen in a long time, good job!

Riding pictures would be good for me.


yah, I want to see some pics of the riding on the fun box. Looks like it would be very versatile, and fun to do.

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Who said it was unicycling related? :stuck_out_tongue:
I was actually just jumping off the bike jump, I wasn’t even on my unicycle. :o

Catboy and darchibald:
I’m at school at the moment so i’ll post pics when I get home.

I went down to a local engineering workshop and they sold me a piece of angle iron for about $8 or something. It real cheap, and any engineering type place should have it.

Oh and slightly off topic but this morning the newspaper dude rang me up, and today after school he’s going to do an interview on me and take some pics etc! So that’ll be cool, I’ll scan the article and post it when i get it, should be tomorow I guess.