My photos and videos...

It took me a while, but I finally figured out how to create an album. It’s called “Andrew Carter’s photos and videos” and it contains some photos and videos of trials, homemade northshore, and a bit of freestyle. I’ll add heaps of photos of my new unicycle when I get it.

Andrew Carter

Here’s a link:


Sweet videos and pics.
What uni are you on?, i forgot


It was great comming in from 45 minutes of mostly failed (15’, max) wheel walking to watch your clips; it keeps the eye on target. You on the Sleepers rock! I’v gotta startwork’n that angle.

Hey, you know where that name came from, Sleepers?


notice the WW clip didnt show him putting his feet back on the pedals though,the hardest part

To tell you the truth I’m not sure. It’s a cheap one that cost me $200AUS. Maybe Cycle Design? As you probably know, I’m getting a new one soon.

Thanks Cristopher, but believe me I’m not that good, especially with wheel walking. I think that was close to the best I’ve done so you might want to keep your eye on a different target! I think they used sleepers on railway lines originally but that’s all I know.

That’s because I can’t do it yet:) .

Have any of you got some photos and videos I can see? I love watching unicycling videos because like Christopher said, it lets you set a target for yourself.

a couple of weeks ago a new unicyclist in town appeared at my door,anyway his name is Gene and we shot some pretty cool video.hopfully we will figure out how to compress it edit it and post it.

i dont have the video,Gene does so i have no idea how it turned out but maybe someday there will be some clips of me for you all to laugh at…


sweet photos and movies. How long have you been ridding? its cool you can do a meter drop on a $200 uni. i think the first uni i got is the same type as yours and i think i’d break it or bend the axle and cranks if i tried something that big. Do you have a stronger rim on it? because i had to replace the original mild steel one that mine had to a stronger bmx rim after buckleing realy bad when i dropped off a legde a bit side ways.


Thanks Luke, I think I’ve been riding for about 3 months now. The only thing on my unicycle that’s new is the tyre. I don’t do 1 metre drops anymore (for now) because it does bend the cranks and axle. I got one replacement set of cranks and bent those as well so I bend them back into shape and decided to get a new unicycle. I’m hoping to have it all made in a couple of weeks. Then I can start doing some bigger drops and muni, and more trials.


I Have droped of 1.1 meter drops on $170 unicycle its pretty good it hasent brokre yet and im 76kg only thing i hvee brought is a meaty tire
but i am getting a kris holm seat soon though!

Name Thief!..ha,you dont even have a location!

so original,Soooo Original…

Dont go of 4 foot drops on a cheap unicycle

I pretty much tacoed my unicycle wheel:(
I was going off a 4 foot drop landed it:D
I did it again and it tacoed it :angry:
But how can i stay anooyed with my unicycle:)

your even in “invisable mode” Jeez!

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The important thing is that Dirt + Unicycles = Beauty.

Re: for you unisex

Hey another Kiwi unicyclist- who are you anyway and why did you resurrect this thread?

I spent last weekend in my shed at night with a torch (we haven’t fitted a proper light yet) waxing my KH24. Does that count? She’s nice and smooth now.

And NO Tom Blackwood:
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Wax/polish + clean unicycle = beauty :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Re: for you unisex

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yeah,i was wondering that too.i live in the deep Pacific and the uniThief came from way out yonder?

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P.S. Tom! concreate + unicycles = history,more fun,more tricks,more balance,more dedication,more patience,more skill.