my pedal snapped, possible striped crank-help

Hey everyone,

today my pedal snapped so I went to replace my pedals, but upon taking off the snapped pedal, I stripped part of the cranks, in other words, some of the crank peeled off and was left on my pedal.

The result is my cranks is now 1/3 stripped, is this anything to worry about?

get kh moment Cranks It’s worth it!!


no, seriously, is it anything to worry about?

yes well if they still hold then not much but get the KH cranks

ohh and just to be ahead of the curve get the 137mm

if all you did was take some of the coating off the crank then your fine. (do people really need to mention that someone should upgrade to khm’s)

I talking about the threads that wrap around on the crank, about 2 of the O’s on the crank got striped off

I would use them till it no longer hold a pedal. Then either get an upgrade or buy some of the same kind.

That part of the reason I am not getting KH’s, because I risk stripping and breaking them. essentially a wasted 85 bucks. Theses standard ones do fine. I’m only 100 pounds

I think you need to better explain your problem.

You’re talking about the threads where the crank attaches to the axle, that you use with a crank puller right?

no, i think he’s talking where the pedal screws in, if so, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as the wheel is on straight and everything…

what kind of uni do you ride?
KH cranks might not even fit on it.

he rides a nimbus trials

It is not a steel insert crank

I can tell by the description of how "threads were left on the pedal ".

So we have an alum crank, with only 1/3 the pedal threads gone ! The crank is 2/3 's good ! LOL :roll_eyes:

Really, I think that the remaining threads are full of cracks and ready to go as well, what was so special about that first 1/3 that broke ? :thinking:

Perhaps another pedal can be reinserted with JB Weld (epoxy goo), and might go years in mild street use. I have seen it happen. :sunglasses:

But as a “pedal snapper”, only new cranks will work for you .:slight_smile:

If you keep everything tight there’s no worry :roll_eyes:

I stripped one O off my DX crank a while back, I put the pedal back in but every day I have to retighten it, worry about it on every drop I take, and it’s never as tight as it could be.

And that’s’ only half as bad as yours, TECHNICALLY it still works, but It’d really be better to have a better crank. You got lucky 'cause ISIS cranks are abundant, 10 spline cranks aren’t.

The threads of the KH cranks are much more durable. Its going to be a lot more difficult to strip those. The cranks you have have alloy threads. The KH cranks have CrMO steel inserts, much more durable.