My other wheel...

Today I rode to the bike shop for the weekly unicycle ride on my 24" muni carrying my 20" over my shoulder. I was waiting for someone to ask me where my other wheel was but it never happened. The person I was lending the 20" to didn’t even end up riding. But it turned out to be a great ride because Gary and I went out for a ride and did some drops and other fun stuff.

We both did our first 4’ drops. We actually measured it to be 135cm which is about 4’6" and I wasn’t going to do it but Gary had a go and although he didn’t stick the landing he told me it didn’t hurt from that height. I landed it on my 3rd try and it gave me heaps more confidence with drops because I realised that it doesn’t hurt from that height, it just scares me a bit. It had a little lip on the end which really put me off and it was on such an angle that once you hopped onto it you were committed and had to continue with the drop. It was also really good for hopping up onto on one part of it. It was about 40cm high. I also realised that stairs are really fun to ride down and did my first proper set of stairs.

That article in MBR is still going ahead and Gary and I told Richard a few things about learning to ride and muni and so on.

There are photos of Gary doing the drop at


Whoosh, your riding pal Gary has a fine set of quads!

Nice drop as well.


Fantasic Andrew. Your Friend Gary is Excellent too. I was wondering the Small Dark Blue car (Looks like a Hyundai Excel to me with roof racks) driving by as you ride along on the small fence log got the fright of their live’s sawing you riding along the fence log I bet. That’s great mate. I hoping to take my Uni out this week to do some trials down the disused railway line at Toronto shortly and possible down the waterfront Edge.
I’ll let you and other’s know too. Catch you later.
David. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to think our friend Erin has a quads fetish!

Well, truthfully Sofa, I wouldn’t turn away at the sight of a set of well muscled male thighs :smiley:


Oh Great, we already have a Gluteous Maximus. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone starts posting as “musculus quadriceps femoris” just to impress Erin!

Andrew, nice pics! I wish I could sum up the courage to do a drop that big!
David - A nice trail I like to muni when I’m in your area is close to the myuna bay sport and rec centre. Just north of the centre is a small park. At the far northern end of this park a small trial starts and winds along the edge of lake maqaurie.
I found this one morning on a jog and then decided to muni it the next day, it wasnt bad at all…give it a go.
On the southern side of Myuna there is a huge amount of paperbark forest to ride in whic I also explored extensivly, but I dont think the public have access to this area as it is sport and rec property (they dont like having strangers around, even if it is 'recreation)…but give the lakeside trail a try.

Thanks Samuel. The info was helpful. The paperbark forest you mention is only to be used as a rec & sport facilities I’ve only found out and yes it’s worth having a go at the other tracks as you said. I’ve wouldn’t mind going to the Watagan Mountains and
Mt Sugarloaf Mountains. That should be fun. Besides There’s a School kid Just been Killed at Mt Sugarloaf on Sunday on the 16/3/2003 fallen to his death nearly 200meters down the mountains. That’s where we have to be careful too and it’s one way traffic and cannot pass. It was on the News Just now as we speak. Catch you later Mate.


Don’t be a bunch of homophobes.

the guy has good gams.

How?? what? I’m confused… please explain :thinking: . How was their saying Erin enjoyed the guy’s quads connected to any sort of homophobic attitude at all?

fayguy, once again I’ll maintain you should think before you post.


Really, fatguy, what did you mean? I was talking about enjoying Gary’s awesome muscled legs. What, I ask you, is homophobic about that!?


Me thinks all this talk of homophobes is due to falling victim of a homophone . It’s Erin, not Aaron.

musculus quadriceps femoris

I’ll be sure to pass on the compliments to Gary.


Re: My other wheel…


I just did my first 4" drop yesterday.

Read that carefully – four INCH. I should be posting over in the “curb” thread. But it was awesome. I put on my helmet and elbow pads and wrist protectors (and leg armor, of course). I usually just wear leg armor and cycling gloves, because I’m not good enough to do anything “extreme” yet.

It was the coolest thing! Well, I’m going over to the curb thread now – where I belong. :frowning: Four inches today, full-size curb tomorrow, and four FEET, well… maybe never. Who knows!

Where’s Your Other Wheel,
uni57 (Dave)

Great work Dave, that’s awsome. I think you’ll find that once you start doing drops like that one you’ll get used to the feeling of having to correct your bablance and so on and your drop height will increase pretty rapidly.


just don’t be.

Youve lost me.


Me too Samuel.
David. :thinking:

If it’s the last comment from ‘fatguygoesuphill’ (sorry I don’t know your name) that you’re confused about, I think it’s about the whole homophobia topic.


[QUOTE Originally posted by andrew_carter]

If it’s the last comment from ‘fatguygoesuphill’ (sorry I don’t know your name) that you’re confused about, I think it’s about the whole homophobia topic.

I agree Andrew. Why I don’t know.