My Options

I’ve been thinking about making a 26" uni for a long time now. I finally have over 400 bucks to make a descent 26" Muni.

I also could save my money and get a KH geared hub(but dont want to because they are so expensive and wont be out for a long time.).

My other option is to keep this money for plane tickets for next years Moab Muni Fest(my parents said i have to buy the plane tickets for next years Moab Muni Fest so…i could use the money for that and be done with it).

Im leaning twards spending my money on the 26" because…well i want a 26" uni for longer rides. with a 26" it wont be painfully slow like on my 24", but i still can have a good beafy tire and ease of 26" parts(unlike 24" unis).

So what do u think i should do?

There is very little difference in the speed from 24"ers to 26"ers. I know someone has figured out the calculation, and I swear I am right in saying that. For longer rides get aa 29" or a 36", I realise that the parts are more restricted.


A 24" with a big tire it pretty much is a 26". go ahead and get a bigger wheel.

yea but a 26" with a big tire is a 28

you could get the kh 29er. or u could save up 4 the geared hub. I want 2 save up 4 the geared hub on my trials. lol it would go like 29er speed. then i wouldnt need a muni.

yea i would definetly get a geared hub if they where out, but they aren’t and wont be for awhile and i cant wait. Even when they do come out, i dont know if i want to fork over $1000 for just a hub. that’s crazy! $1000! or more! for just the hub!

Im betting it will probly be more for the hub alon…Plus you need the special frame! Thats alot of money to be forkin out. Im my opinion if you want a unicycle that can cruise and you can do some muni on then get the KH 29er.

i think it comes with the hub and cranks. im not sure though. at MOAB i talked 2 kris and he said it would be like $1300 for the hub and cranks. r u sure u need a special frame?

I like the idea of putting the money aside for Moab, then starting to save for a new MUni of whatever type.

you could put aside like $50 out of every $100 you get for moab, and then you would still have money for a uni.

If I had a 24" MUni, I would not bother to build or buy a 26". I bought a 26" in 2003 and didn’t bother to build or buy a 24" since then. The difference is simply not large enough to be worth having two unicycles around for (unless you’re getting into your second dozen unicycles); if you really want your MUni to be faster, just get shorter cranks on it.

Going to Moab vs. not going to Moab is a huge difference. Save the money and go.

If you’re going to build another unicycle, I would keep the 24" the way it is and build a 29er for speed and cross country.

seth, do u still have ur old fusion saddle that came on ur freeride? if so u might as well just by a bunch of parts, and then ud save $55 on the saddle, and could have a uni that works for u pefrectly. because ud get to choose the parts. miles.

KH 29" nuff said


yea i would use my old KH fusion and my old seat post to save some money.

About the new frame with those geared hubs, you dont need a new frame, but you do need to shave down a part in your bearing housing. But thats better than buying a whole new frame. its not to hard either, aluminum is soft metal.

i would still go to moab, i would just have to save the money later. Trust me i wont blow off moab for a 26" uni…that’s for sure!

But i think ill just screw it and save to getta KH geared hub, then i could go as fast a a coker with a click of a button.

I still have to sell my dirtbike so there’s $2000 right there. I will just put $1300 or so on the hub and have $700 spare.:wink:

thats awesome. if i got it on my trials id go like 32" speed!:slight_smile:
cya at MOAB, or hopefully sooner