My old videos..

Hey guys… long time no see!

My laptop crashed and I lost a whole bunch of memories with it.
so does anyone by any chance have a copy of the videos I had made a few years back?
I’ve managed to find Keep Movin’… but there was also a small one I had made during my trip in france… plus the very first movie I’d ever made… The “Body Moving” one.

I would really like to see them again.

Anyways, let me know… or hit me up an e-mail at

Thanks everyone

How’s life man?

And no, i haven’t any of your videos.

I even made i thread oen time asking where you went!



I will look over my videos on my old computer and see what I can dig up.


I’m still looking… I couldn’t remember the name of the first one :stuck_out_tongue:

Oweeeen Mental!!!

Sorry. I have absolutely no idea about your videos and my post is completly pointless except to say…


Are you sure your laptop’s HD is dead, or just the laptop? The data might still be there. In any case, let this be a reminder to the rest of you that if your stuff isn’t backed up, you’re only one HD crash away from losing it!

Owen!! How’s you? I have Body Moving!!

That’s where all the stupid people are!! Awwwwwwww… look at all the stupid people!

I just emailed you

If someone could post these videos online, that would be super awesome. I too lost Owen’s movies in an HD fail, and I would love to replace them, total inspiration when I first started riding.

With your permission, Owen, I’ll put Body Movin’ on youtube sometime.
I can’t email it to you because it’s such a big file.
But I can totally put it up on youtube sometime or have Jerrick do it.
And remember, I can still send you a disc.

That’d be cool. I don’t even know who this guy is???

Owen is THE man :wink:

His vids rocked!


You could also upload it to UTV. There will be no loose in quality and everybody could download the original file too.

Cant wait to see the vids again (i lost them too through a HD fail…)

Eh… Owen ain’t responding at all.
I have dial-up so it would be difficult to do anything really, but I’d give it a shot.