My old and 1st vid

Heres a vid I made a while ago that never got posted on these forums I thought I should post it so you guys can see how much I’ve improved when I make a new vid within the next week or so ^^

still alot better than skrobo lol;)

This has nothing to do with any other thread.

how long have you been riding for?

nice vid, so what can skrobo do now?

well its still a sick vid!!

sick vid, i was wondering when we’d get a hesher unicyclist///aka timmy tight pants

Great riding. I liked the static ballance at the start. The video work with the setting sun in the back ground is very well done.

Hahaha skinny jeans… yeah well when I went on holiday I forgot my 661’s! I was so gutted! But anyway i kept riding and got shined a few times but was all good. Been riding for just over a year when I posted this vid.

So many pre hops and filler material, crapy bails. dumb vid. You kinda suck dood.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m not even going to explain to you why the vid is how it is.

it wassss awesome good vid, although if i had skate parks like that i would do handrails thats my excuse ha ha, good vid defo, huge no footer xxx

If I had a skate park like that near me it would be so much better, there is near enough no good places to ride were I live so most of my riding is done in the road. when I was last filming I spent a whole day searching for stair sets and found three pretty poor ones. I want a skate park :frowning:

Yeah I loved the rails at that skatepark. Note: I visited this place, I don’t ride there all the time lol.

how long ago was it that you filmed that?

Almost 3 months ago. That vid has some of my first ever crankflips.

I quit liked the vid, least if you start with an average vid you can be sure that the next will be better.

Nice :sunglasses:


You forgot the :stuck_out_tongue:

whens your new vid coming?

In a week or less. I’m on holiday at the moment (unicycling holiday) and we’re doing quite a bit of filming. First day filming I landed smallflip, 360 flip, blind rolling 360 unispin, outflip etc. Lots more stuff to come and I’m not going to give it all away.