MY obstacle trials course, need help!

HI,ive already found some other threads on obstacle course but id rather my own.
today i just made use of some stuff out the back yard and made a trials obstacle course. i found-
A \steel girder
lots of wood
a steel frame of a table
cement blocks
wood blocks
wire nets
big rocks

the problem is that everything is so unstable for example, the cement blocks wobble a little and the planks layed across the steel table frame are not stable and not connected to it. most things woble, can i have any help. i got lots of tools so i dont need to worry about that.

First of all, ditch the thing with the wire fencing - thats no where near thick enough to support an type of weight and you are just going to get hurt and/or pop a tire on it.

As far as the cinder blocks wobbling, angle them in ways which make sense for which direction you are coming from. Maybe screw the planks into the tires to make those more stable.

You could partially bury some of those shorter blocks of wood and bricks to practice hopping accuracy by placing them all at random distances. Burying them half way may make them more stable.

I also wouldnt waste all those pieces of wood on the bed frame, just use a couple and use the rest to make some skinnies to ride on, maybe place them on the blocks/bricks rather than burying those like I suggest previously.

Also, your new user name. Some people might be upset because its very similar to Justin Abbott’s (yunisyko) and it may cause confusion.

Bungee cords, or industrial racheting straps, or something like that to tighten them all down.

yup, it took me a while to realize this was a different person

OK im gonna change my name… again…

Here’s some cool stuff to build

I’d ditch the cynderblocks…but I haven’t felt the same about them since one tipped over on me, leaving a nice scar on my left forearm.