My not-so-gory story

Hi all. I have been lurking about this list for a while and not posted anything.
I thought this seemed like a good excuse to start. So here it goes :

I can ride forward fine and turn and juggle while riding … but I can’t idle or
free mount consistently (I can get one every now and then). I know this is a
common problem so I haven’t been freaking out. But I ride my 20" to Biology
every Mon,Wed,Fri around 9 am. So this particular morning, I was running a
little late as happens. I had my book bag full and my body set to go. I took my
wheel and tried to hop on in the hopes of being successful. I missed. No problem
because I know that happens. I tried again and proceeded to worsen rapidly. My
self-anger rose and by the sixth or seventh try, I was determined to be
successful. What I was successful at was planting my whole face on the cement
sidewalk, while bruising my shoulder and shredding on palm. It learned my lesson
not in the actual fall, but in the weeks following when I had to baby my
dominant hand because of my own stupidity. This is when I finally acknowledged
to myself that to hurt myself on the wheel, I had to commit on of the fatal
errors of not paying attention to what I was doing. But hey, now I know. I think
everybody has to have at least on serious fall before they really internalize
that concept.

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