My next rail riding goal...

I did some riding around the local primary school oval today (see trials album) and found something that I have no hope of doing now (because it’s too hard to mount up there) but am aiming to do in the future. It’s the curvy rail in the foreground of the photo. Looks fun hey?



Oh yeh, and I also had a go on one of these things…

You know the ones where the cylinder spins around and the kids run on the top? I tried pedalling along on the top but it’s impossible. It was fun though.



oi! get out of my old skool playground u vandal! :angry:

did you ride the slide?

Although they’re a dissappointment really, always a lot easier than they look.


unless its wet of course that could be bad.

I only slid down it with my feet on the pedals but sitting down. It looks hard to me.


Don’t worry, I checed for any tyre marks and things like that and I didn’t leave a mess :). I am actually careful as far as that goes. There are a lot of shoes marks on there from the kids though. I bet it was interesting to see your old school again. That’s also where I went to primary school.