My newly arrived radial 360 w/airfoil

Just came home to find a big box on my porch, and praise be! I was quite excited but at the same time a bit uncertain as to whether the TA would still be on the rim! Well, to my relief, it was intact and inflated to 38 lbs. :smiley:

I checked the bead, and it looked even, (no “x” mark anywhere to be found! hmmm I wonder) and so I added a bit more air, topping it off at 40 psi; this is at least how much psi the tire is tested at, so I figured it wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

So far so good. I will take it out for a test ride a little later today. If all goes well, as I am expecting, the next step will be a visit to the powder coating shop! :))

Is your new rim anodized black, or is it powdercoated?

With all the fuss you caused, maybe they slipped you one from the new batch. Oh and if you can, how about a diameter measurement.

“Fuss” as is, I shouldn’t have said anything? I assume that’s not what you meant. Btw, I obviously wasn’t the first to COMPLAIN about the “x” rim, as I didn’t even have one until today. Anyway it turned out to be a good thing, right? Maybe being proactive does some good every now & then!:smiley:

Radial? I thought you were going for the Nimbus?

What kind of cranks are those?
You have long legs.
Are those two different pedals?
Are you going to make your own handle? It looks like it because of the rod sort of thingy there under the seat.

I really don’t know, but I would guess it’s powder coated. Here’s a pic after fiddling around with some hobby tape. The nice part it that is peels off easily if i decide I want to take it off, which I probably will!

Nope, I am quite satisfied saving the additional $175 for the nimbus frame, and staying with this standard frame. It does the job well, and I like it!:smiley:

Pro wheel 127mm aluminum cranks substituded for the standard steel 152’s, the pedals are sealed snafus (matching) and that’s a brake post under the seat. I may be adding a V-brake in the futire, but mostly I wanted the rail adapter (which has that brake post) for more fine adjustment of the saddle.

I thought you were going to go for the T7

not poking fun or anything, I just think it’s funny that you didn’t end up getting any of this stuff that you said you would :roll_eyes:

and i’m a little confused, Terry, as to why you say the Nimbus frame would have cost you $175, cause it only costs $120…

looks like I’m going to be getting into the 36" world soon too…I’ve got mine all configured, just gotta order it. still trying to decide on pedals, though.

I thought you were going to go with the grey saddle cover.

I thought you were going to go with the novelty valve cap.

i want a new coker…
grr…im jealous…urs is nicer than mine!

Don’t be confused Tod, I’ll explain it to you. The base price for the radial is $339, (with steel rim) and the base price for the nimbus 36 (exact same wheelset at the standard radial) is $515. The only difference is the FRAME!

The difference in cost between the two is $176. How did you arrive at $120? Btw, it was my phone call to Amy that brought the price of the radial “deluxe” down to $424, from the previous $489! The only difference between the deluxe and the standard versions (of *both the radial & Nimbus) is the airfoil; that’s it. And so I asked why was the upgrade so much more on the radial than it was on the nimbus…UDC made the correction. Still, for some reason the airfoil upgrade on the radial is $85, vs only $65 for the exact same airfoil upgrade on the nimbus. Go figure.

PS: It’s actually a little cheaper to upgrade to the nimbus frame from the radial deluxe; it drops to $156 additional. The reason is the additional airfoil upgrade charge on the radial is $15 more than the same upgrade on the nimbus. Yeah, confusing.

i don’t need that patronizing tone, thank you very much.

however, if the only difference between them is the frame, and the price difference is indeed $175, something’s weird, cause the frame alone is $120.

furthermore, if the difference in prices between your frame and the nimbus was $175, that means the nimbus price would be $175 + what the radial costs. So somewhere along the long, the nimbus frame got to being like $200+ dollars? That really doesn’t make sense.

Ok put 'em buddy! ;);):wink: That’s UDC pricing for you. It’s probably more if they install it, but that’s only my guess. All I was trying to convey, is that if you order the nimbus frame with whatever wheelset, it’s either $176, or $156 more than the radial frame. Seems arbitrary on UDC’s part to me. And the bottom line for me is, that nimbus frame isn’t worth even an additional $120, let alone $176 extra! No way. Besides I like the standard frame much better. :slight_smile: I can find much better ways things to spend that $176!

The radial deluxe has a kovachi wheelbuild, they charge a heck lot more for that.

After my daily (obligitory) muni ride I took my new coker out for a quick 12 miler along the beach bike path. Gps indicated a max speed 17.6 mph, average 11-12 mph. The TA feels smooth as silk and solid on the rim. I’m running 40 psi.

Bottom line it peformed great and I love the 127mm cranks. I could see getting shorter cranks at some point but a brake would be a must for quick stops and downhills. I’m lovin’ it! :slight_smile:

So…what finish does your rim have? I’m just curious since it’s a recent purchase.