my newest trials vid! :)

i have really been working on the si hops! im trying to get to 30 inches, but i want to be able to get 29" 100 out of 100 times before i move on. im still having slight confidence issues with si hops…i can really only consistently hop every other day…as of now :).

any constructive criticism/compliments welcome :slight_smile:

Nice.You should take your hand off the handle when you ride skinnys

Nice video! i really need to practise my skinny riding if i see this :P.

That was really good. How long have you been riding?

yeah i can feel how much easier standstills are when not on the skinny and having both arms flailing. im still pretty new to riding skinnies though, and i don’t have the confidence yet to take my hand off the handle…i always feel like ill be in absolutely no control if the uni slips out from underneath me. yesterday I did attempt to ride it with 2 hands, but as soon as id take the hand off the handle and just put it right back on and leap off the side.

it will come in time i just gotta get more confidence…

i started riding 3 years ago…wasnt really serious about it and took a 1.5 year break after some back problems. In Feb 2009 i started gettin serious about trials.

Seat in 5 paletts!!!very nice!
You must learn seat out and 7paletts no problem for you!

haha, well my next vid ill be sure to have skinny riding with 2 hands and some sif hopping :slight_smile: lol

I liked those hops onto this wobbly skinny. I think that looked a lot easier than it actually was.

well i’ve been tryin and tryin and tryin with riding skinnies 2 handed…and its not workin…yet

when i learned to ride backwards i was also having a prob with holding onto the handle, but it eventually faded. maybe the same thing will happen with sknnies

aight ive tried for about 10+ hrs now trying to ride the skinny with 2 hands out. I just cant do it for some reason. I get half a rev. im just too used to holdin the handle. im too scared of the uni droppin out from underneath me and then me crashing badly.

should i really keep trying with 2 hands? will it benefit me thattt much? cause right now im pretty consistent with skinny riding with 1 hand on the handle and 1 hand in the air

Practice doing stillstands and youll get used to balancing with both hands out

Are you trying them no hands on the skinny high up? or on the ground. because I think if you have the skinny on the ground you wont be scared to let go, cus if you fall, nothing will really happen.