My newest seat experimentation = great!

I have been struggling with finding a semi-comfortable seat for anything over 20 miles of riding, but recently I came across a good seat. I bought the new KH freeride saddle (with the center groove and low profile), and this seat was fine except for two things: 1) I can’t use my GB4 handle on the seat base that comes with it, and 2)I think it is too low profile…not enough foam. What I did was take off the seat cover, remove the foam from the seat with a little force and a pocket knife (took maybe about 2 minutes). I also used a little slab of foam from my old KH seat and placed this first layer of foam on top of the miyata plastic seat base (with stiffener plate), and then I put the new KH freeride foam with the center cut out on top of this thin layer of foam. I held it all together with my gemcrest leather cover and put in some holes and grommits in the leather to lace the bottom of the saddle tight.

I recently took the seat out for a test drive on my coker and I was able to go 25 miles without saddle soreness. This is amazing because I usually last about 12 miles max before I start feeling some pain. No numbness, no pain, great foam combination.

I will post pictures later for those who are interested.

That sounds cool. So how did the freeride seat feel without the extra padding? Was it confortable to ride several miles?

Pictures are worth 1000 words. :slight_smile:

What was your previous seat before the KH freeride? And do you have a rail adaptor fitted?

I’m using a Nimbus Gel with the Nimbus T7 handle / rail adaptor. The rail adaptor works very nicely for shifting the weight onto the sit bones, and the handle allows me to take some weight off for some of the time.

I’m interested in trying the Freeride saddle: it seems to me that the groove in the middle would be ideal for a comfy ride. Would you mind my asking roughly how much you weigh? I’m fairly lightweight so I’m wondering if I could get by with less padding…

I weigh about 152 pounds and I am a little over 5’9".

The previous saddles I used were…

Miyata plastic seat base with gb4 stiffener and gb4 handle with an air cushion. with rail adapter.
-good for 10 miles then you start going numb or if you arent numb then you are severly discomforted on your sit bones.

regular KH saddle with rail adapter - tilted back…caused me to go numb after a while, not titled back was not comfortable.

I don’t think I weigh that much, but the KH freeride seemed like it was lacking a little bit in foam…not by much though. The center groove is really nice though. The foam in the new KH seat also feels a lot softer than the previous seats.

I have never tried the nimbus gel and the nimbus handle setup, but I would be curious to see how that felt compared to my seat setup. I noticed the Nimbus handle for the rail adapter is out a little further and angled differently than the GB4 handle. I have never tried any unicycle gel saddle, I always thought they would be a little to thin/firm. That was my problem with the new KH freeride, I was able to shift my weight on my sitbones, but…with the low profile after about 15 miles I would start getting sore.

Definitely, the new KH freeride was comfortable and allows you to shift your weight better than before, but after 12 miles or so I would get saddle soreness…but the plus side of the new model is that you will never go numb if you are seated correctly. You can deal with discomfort, but you shouldnt deal with numbness.

agreed. I took some pics of the new KH freeride saddle torn apart as well so you can better see the inner workins of the seat. I will try to post the pics soon.

You can use a GB4 handle with the KH/Velo base if you use a KH Rail adapter with brake post.

Sounds like a nice seat.

Surprisingly, on my coker. I have the old fat KH saddle with the old handle that doesnt have groves or anything in it.

I find that to be the most comfortable seat I have ever sat on. I have done 50-60mile rides on it with no soreness at all.

Im glad this experiment worked out for you, it should probably help some others. =p

I reckon a seat that was comfortable for many miles would revolutionise distance riding.

pdc: have you (or anyone else) been able to try that trick with a Reeder? It looks like it might work, and would be wicked cool if it did. I’d be tempted to do that since I think I’ll get a rail adaptor for my XC muni anyhow…