my newest giraffe uni project

ok i just recently got a new giraffe so my old one is just kinda lying around taking up space. i’ve been thinking a lot about what i could do with it and then it hit me. being an avid stiltwalker i’ve decided to transform my old giraffe into a unicycle that can be ridden when i have stilts on. i’m gonna take the wheel set, pedals, and chain off and replace it with a regular unicycle wheelset therefor make it so that i can ride it with extra long legs. i know its kinda just a novelty thing, but its gonna look awesome. i’ll be sure to post pics of me riding it when i get it finished.

wow thats a great idea, it migh be a bit hard to ride though:D

edit: oh 101st post!!!

yea it’s gonna be a challenge but im looking forward to it

More dangerous than hard. Plan your bailing techniques ahead of time!

But it may be easier to raise the seat than to replace the wheel. Putting a unicycle wheel down there would require adding bearing holders. Maybe that’s not too big a deal depending on your tools and skills. It would be safer too, especially if you’re on stilts… :astonished:

good point, giraffe unis dont normaly have bearing holders. but can you get these extention pieces for giraffe unicycles and put that between the frame and the seat post, would it be possible??

actually i have a friend that welds and he’s offered to help me out. im gonna buy a cheap frame from my LBS and weld it onto the giraffe frame and add some supports so its strong enough. and yea i’ve been working on a bail procedure.

I walk the stilts too and had this very idea.

I wonder though, with stilts you don’t have an ankle really, I’m not sure how that would effect the riding…but hey, with practice anything is possible.
Good luck and post some pictures.

Do you use the dancing stilts or dry-wall stilts?

i use drywall stilts…i just found a new brand that does indeed have an ankle.

sounds like a good idea! good luck, im looking forward to seeing pics and a vid!

:smiley: That sounds like an awesome idea. But why not try making one of these unicycles but in giraffe form. :smiley:

one thing at a time dude, one thing at a time. lol

Ohh…right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well good luck with it all then unirox. Keep up the good work. :smiley: