My new Yuni 29" !

I got my new unicycle delivered on monday, and started riding it a bit on monday. I have been riding a 20" schwinn for 6 years on and off. It Took me two tries to freemount with the 29" then after a couple minutes i didnt mess up. Right away i rode it off my porch and onto the street. It felt so much different, and even lighter than my 20" schwinn. After about 5-10 minutes I was able to do 180 jump turns with it, and could ride backwards, hop onto the curb and ride on it, and ride with my stomach on the seat. I could easily do these tricks on the 20", but I didnt expect I would be able to adjust so fast to the 29". So if anyone is worried about adjustment from different wheel sizes, it isnt too much of a difference (for me at least). It goes a lot faster and I have been riding it nonstop ever since monday. I have the 150 cranks on right now (maybe thats why the transition was also very easy). I think i will order the 125s soon, so I can go faster. I rode about 10 miles today, and the only pain I really felt after the ride was saddle soreness. The Kris Holm seat is a lot better than the schwinn seat, but I still start to get sore after 15-20 minutes. I am going to have to experiment with airseats and maybe biking shorts with padding. Do the biking shorts help at all with saddle soreness?

29ers seem to be the thing at the minute, everyone appears to be getting one! Isn’t itamazing to be able to ride really fast all of a sudden??

I find the KH seat to be nice for mine, do you ride off or on road with yours? I use mine on the roads and light trails, and I have 114mm cranks which I found quite difficult to get used to after 125s and 140s on a 20" and 170s on a 24X3.

I’m on the bandwagon… :slight_smile:

I picked up my second tyre for it earlier, despite having it less than two weeks… it came with an off-road tyre, the new one is a Big Apple for the road. I’m waiting for this big black cloud to take its rain elsewhere before giving it a go…


Bicycling shorts (with the crotch pad in 'em) make a HUGE difference in riding comfort - especially for distance riding.

How about writing a product review of this Uni? I wrote one for my Pashley 29er, and I am sure it and all the muni reviews are much apreciated by shoppers. I remember reading the Coker reviews after I got my Coker and they were very useful when I was learning to ride the thing!

Strangley enough, I want to get another wheel set if I can find a cheap one for off-road stuff. I have a Big Apple 2.0" and 114s, so light trails aren’t too bad, but I want 125s and an off-road tyre for soft-core distance muni! Any recommendations for an off-road tyre?

I’ve never found the need for cycling shorts personally, I think once you’ve ridden so far, the callouses take care of the rest!

I have an IRC Mythos on it. I’ve not ridden on any other 29er tyres so I can’t say how it compares, but I have no complaints about it. The tread seems good; I’ve ploughed through some quagmires on it and it has never come loose. On slopes the limiting factor has always been my legs rather than tyre grip!

The original plan was for an IRC Notos, but I was persuaded by Miark into getting one of these instead because (a) it has a kevlar bead which made it fold up and fit in the car back from BUC easier and (b) it smells nice, apparently. I can’t say I’m in the habit of smelling my tyres after a bit of muni but hey, whatever floats your boat… :slight_smile:

According to the Mythos is an awful lot lighter than the 2.35" Big Apple too. Must go find out…


I’ve got an IRC Notos 2.1 on my 29-er, i’m very happy with it both on road and mild muni.

I just had a smell and the odour was faint but not unpleasant (but I’ve got a cold so don’t take my word for it) :slight_smile:

Observations after getting back:

  1. The Big Apple is Smooth with a capital Smoo! Even compared to the Fireball it rolls so smoothly and quietly it’s incredible. From starting with the constant buzz of a knobbly Contra to the smoothness of the Fireball was one thing… but where the Fireball would still let you know you were moving, with the Big Apple you just can’t tell on some surfaces, it’s that smooth. Your legs are going up and down but the seat is gliding along without any bumps or vibration at all.

  2. Big wheel plus gadgets equals more impressed bystanders. No longer does it look like a rather ridiculous form of transport; it becomes hardcore. Standing out against the red frame is a black mass of mysterious, technical looking gadgetry; cycle computer and associated wire, three lights and a mountainbike bar end which will (hopefully) eventually turn into a GPS mounting bracket. I’d like to think it makes me look like I know what I’m doing.


I didnt really go off road, just stayed on the sidewalk/road. I went off road for about a quarter of a mile though. Maybe I should angle the front of the seat down more. Im also thinking about putting my twisted Oddysey metal pedals on(for more grip). Are the metal pedals better for long distance, or are the plastic ones, or does it really not matter? I need to go shopping for a helmet and some biking shorts. I think I might get the skateboard type of helmet because it seems more comftable. Anyway, I will write a full product review for the Yuni after I ride it some more.

I use DMR V8 pinned pedals, I can’t imagine riding on plastic, I think the grip is really important on a 29er, on or off road. I don’t think I would push the 29er too much if it had plastic pedals for fear of being hurled off again. Try a Kinport rail bracket, I have one on my muni so I can tilt my saddle (also a KH) further up so I’m actually sat on my bum rather than the no-mans land in between. I have a GB4 coker handle on the way, so I’m gonna invest in a CF base and computer too. Here’s a link to my gallery with my unicycles in, the revised muni is at the bottom.

Is this the rail bracket you were talking about?

Yeah that would make more sense to tilt the front up more so it forces you to sit on your butt, that might help some with the saddle soreness. I will probably order the rail bracket (if the link above is the correct part I need) when I order the 125 mm cranks.

Yes it is, and they’re awesome. I have one on both of my uni’s.

They’re super strong too, it looked pretty flimsy when it first arrived, but I haven’t managed to bend/break it at all on my muni, so it should be perfect for 29ing.

Says it is out of stock tho :frowning: You may be able to contact the manufacturer directly and see if he had any for sale. I’m sure Steve(?) Howard makes them, though I could be very wrong. Darren Bedford may also have some. He definately does them with brake mounts.

I’m getting one for my 29er as soon as I can!

Just afew thing’s
1)phil is not one to brag so i would just like to say his 29er looks really,really cool far better then o.w.s’s 29er no ofense but it looks the dogs!+ I am sure phil made his wheel and his wheels are really strong!Phil you have to post some pictures if you don’t have a diggy camera you probli do tho i will take some pics with my camera if you would like?
2)O.W.S could you please post a picture of your self riding would be nice you seem to have some really nice rides that seem abit to clean.And i have always wondered what you look like as you seem such a cool guy!
Ben the 29er less boy,i have a 24" tho:(

One more thing the one way you could make your unicycle better phil(29er) is by adding a charm to it. may i suggest a bull seeming you have a red unicycle and it is for the “Red Bull” ride so if you had a bull charm get it get it huh huh huh?!:stuck_out_tongue: go on phil that would be very cool!
And O.W.S are you going to the muni in the south west?june 13 i think.
(my 24ers:p charm!)

I’m tall dark and handsome Ben! I hate having dirty unicycles unless it is my muni! HATE IT! And you just wait Ben and Phil til my frame is powder coated yellow- it’ll look sooooooo nice! :smiley:

I shall try to take soe photos, I have a couple crappy vids kicking about on my PC that I’ll put up, just for you Thinuniking! :wink: No 29er vids tho: too fast… if you’ll believe that lol!

What day is the 13th? I have a sit-com to film on the 17th, so depends how far etc…

sit com to film? cool what one or r u joking me?
link to the ride
I am tall,thin and blonde! with longish hair now how cool sorry bout the thread jacking!
ERRR 29ers are great that better?

I am ‘producer’ of a sit-com that other guys have written, and it is to be filmed on 17th, it’s an end of year project. I’m tall thin, tho a brunette! lol!
That meet sounds cool, but it’s LIGHTYEARS away from me, if it was a weekend ride over summer, I’d probably do it tho! Cheers anyway!
Yeah 29ers… better than those er… 28ers ey? :wink:

what’s it called? or can’t you say? well good luck with it shame your not coming but any good luck with your show i no i need luck for my G.C.S.E’s yeah i c see you point but a 28er has a thing bout it a 29er just dont have you get me?