My New (Y)uni

I finally got my first unicycle; a Yuni 29’er with the flat-top black frame, 29x2.1 nanoraptor tire, a KH fusion saddle, and 125mm cranks. The excitement of waiting for it kept me up awhile last night :smiley:

Unboxed, the wheelset was huge after being used to a 24" tire. I even overtightened one of the nuts holding the frame on the bearings to the point of the bolt being cut cleanly at the base of the nut! Thankfully, two extra sets of bolts, nuts and washers were included, so I was still able to assemble it fine.

The 300mm seatpost I ordered for it was worrisome. I barely managed to get it down to a height that I can ride with shoes but not without, and there is <=1cm of clearance between the bottom of it and the tire! I’m glad the frame doesn’t have a cap on the bottom, else I would have had to cut the seatpost before getting to ride, and I don’t have the tools for that.

My first mount was unsuccessful, but moving from a 24" with 150mm cranks to a 29" with 125mm cranks, this was expected. I mounted using a wall for support, and the view from all the way up there was great :stuck_out_tongue: A few mounts using my mailbox lightly and I was able to freemount the beast. I had practiced one our each today and yesterday on the DX, just reaching 50’ yesterday and 56’ today (see caption under name), so I was very surprised to find myself out 75’ from where I freemounted within two hours of unboxing! I find myself pedalling faster and swerving a bit more on my Yuni than the DX, but riding is so much more fun! I can control it at a much higher speed than I could the DX.

The nanoraptor tire looks great with small but not sparse tread, and thinner than I am used to. It is dwarfed by the frame, however, which looks like it could fit a 26x3" tire. Sweet looking tire overall. Except for the seatpost and rim, the entire unicycle is black. The others are chrome, and my very nice looking Fusion saddle is blue. I’ll get a picture soon so you can bow to its sweetness.

The_bruiser and I are going to go out for a ride later tonight, and I think I will go out again after dinner and stay out until then. I came back in after 1 1/2 hours outside riding it because I was sweating a lot. It was well worth it with the thrill of not only having my own unicycle but being able to ride it right away too :sunglasses:

That’s awsome! The big wheels roll like a dream. I cant wait for a picture.

Y0u can cut the seat post down also if its to high up.

I know I can cut the post, but after riding again for a short period just now, I actually think it is at a good place. And I really wanted to ride it immediately :wink:


Sorry, I forgot to take out a real camera when I went to practice more, so I took the pictures with my phone. I used my mad MS Paint skills to remove the license plate XD.

I think I actually set a new distance record for myself while I was out, too. Hooray for me :slight_smile:

One less of them and one more of us.

I have witnessed this Yuni and Snes350’s riding. The Yuni is soooo awesome. It is sooo different than my Sun 28 with 150’s and my DX with 150’s. I would also like to say those pics do the Yuni no justice, it looks so much better in person.

Um, I think tightening those to the point of breaking the bolt is bad. Aren’t they only supposed to be held on with about 4 or 5 foot pounds?

Yeah, I figured that out after the one broke. I went back and loosened all the others until the wheel could actually rotate nicely.

did you make sure you didnt mess up the bearings when you overtightened it?

right on!

another 29er makes the streets…DEATH TO COKERS.

You have excellent taste in unicycles.

I have the same Yuni 29er frame and 125mm cranks but with a Big Apple tire. I understand about the seat post sticking through to just above the tire. When you get more comfortable riding, you will probably raise the seat a bit so the seat post will not be scraping mud off the tire. :roll_eyes:

I have really enjoyed my 29er. Have fun.