My New WHITE Bc wheel!!!!!

This is a Freak’in sweet setup. So far, its my favorite Bc wheel. The hookworm is so awesome, it just glides across the ground. Lucky for me my favorite hubs (Odyssey Hazard) now come in WHITE, and i had a halo sas 48h sitting around, so i thought why not.

Here are the specs:

Halo SAS 48h factory powdercoated WHITE
Dt 229mm spokes
Odyssey Hazard 14mm 48h hub factory powdercoated WHITE
Maxxis Hookworm 2.5 tire
EB plates

Heres some pics:

Look at all the Whiteness!

new WHITE bc 007.JPG

The Hazard

new WHITE bc 008.JPG

you should powder coat those plates white too.

now just paint those plates white or black…

hey, doesn’t that axle hit your ankles?


But seriously, that thing is awesome.

i dont think he hit his legs, he said that in another thread a week or two ago. he says the bolts help in hop. he tucks his feet under them so he can hop… i think so?

they are going to be white, i am sending me next 2 pairs up to lee.

you should paint the soples white too

That looks so awesome! Would deffinately look better with white foot plates ^^

Thats awesome, it would look alot better if I were standing on it though…I think im going to steal it when I come to your house;)

powdercoat the plates white, and get a white tire, then you’ll be golden. haha!!

whatt i meant to say was: paint the spokes white too

No, im not unlacing the wheel for white spokes, a white tire is just lame because it needs to have some black on it.

How many BCs do you have now?


haha… so like 1 for Muni and 3 for street?

well put, and how do you get all these toys?

selling all my unis.

Actually, that wasn’t my point. I was just wondering. I didn’t have a hidden motive in that post.