my new wet weather trials/street video

Hello there everyone,
Its been a while since i updated my gallery and with the onset of three weeks holliday not even shitty weather could stop me from going out for a ride. A new guy i know has started to get into the trials side of unicycling, so he came along as well. I nearly ate shit many a time because every surface we were riding on was damp and slippery. My profiles are bent pretty badly, but apart from that my 24x3 muni has been holding up fantasticly. I’m in the red shirt, and david is in the blue.
Enjoy (it is only 2 mins long and not quite 4 megs big),
Mark titled wet weather trials.

That link just took me to the normal gallery here is a better link
(without an extra - at the end:D )

sweet, man! nice hops and drops!

Pretty sweet, although it must suck that it’s raining in July, although it is Autumn down there.

Sweet 24"er riding, my favorite!

Winter…and I miss summer. :frowning:

I haven’t been able to download it yet…our internet is playing up. I look forward to seeing it though.


Edit - This time it worked. Very cool. I especially liked the smooth gaps along that bumpy ledge and the ledge where you rode along, then hopped over the bump, then rode again. Great stuff!

We have similar style, I think. You’re better though. By quite a ways.

Nice movie. How long has David been riding/doing trials? he’s not bad.

it’s great to see some good trials being done on a 24
keep it up!
good stuff

You have the 180 wired! Nice.

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!
David has been doing trials for about 9 months and is learning quickly- it always helps having someone to ride with when your learning so i think it is mutually benneficial for both of us. We might go and hit some of the schools later this week to get some more riding and filming done- the weather is clearing up nicely!