My new video


I know i post a video quite often, but it’s just that i like editing videos. So whenever i can be filmed on new tricks, i release another vid. It’s street oriented and it finishes with a bunch of missed half crankflips over a 4 set. If you have any suggestion of training for me…

On the first 3 scenes, this is my friend Willy.
40Mo 3min Xvid

For the previous vids, just change the number in the link (There isn’t any video_street-1)


stupid vid wont play…no codec or sumthin

it wont download at all for me.

it wont work for me either and it did downlad but it took like a half and hour but didnt play

Did you guys download a codec pack or the XVID codec ?
try that, it’s free :

I had already tested the link and the download. They both should work.

To read it i use vlc which is open source and read almost all videos and dvd without codec.


I have now tried it in both internet explorer (ew) and Firefox and i keep on getting a could not connect to server error, I then sent the link to a friend of mine and he had the same problem. Any idea what might be happening?

I tried going to the site that they are supposed to be located at and it didn’t load either

works fine for me, good quality vid :slight_smile: some nice moves

49 megs??? No way! Not on dial-up anyway.

i love you manny. that was a nice 360 unispin and really good stuff all around. ashame about that seat.

I really enjoyed that film. Those unispins were quite neat.

The download worked fine for me.

Download Problems? Mozilla firefox and Getright = no problems!

good video I enjoyed it. Guys justdownload DivX it works fine