My New Video!!!!!

my vid is here!!!

if that dosnt work go to: gallery, catboys “all of my junk” file, videos, pressing on (not me)

mine is “PRESSING ON (NOT ME)”

the editing is by catboy but, the riding is me…

my flim will be up soon…

dosnt anybody like it?

I, for one, saw your video. I liked the short uni-spin, keep it up! Did you build that wheel BC wheel? I’m sure other people will watch your video later, this is the middle of a work day and not many people are on the forum now. Relient K isn’t my favorite group, but nice to hear some music with a message.

I love the crash seens in these videos, why because I am mean and (pause for effect) because I have not gotten to the point where I fall off like that:D . The one where the rider falls off lands directly on his hands and keeps going looked painful. After that its a pretty cool video.


I saw it. It was good. Really good if you’ve only been riding for 4 months, really good. Is that a footplant you do right at the end? Why’d it cut off? Oh yeah, in another post i thought you said you had a 26" SIF sidehop. But I didn’t see any. For a video you should bust out your big stuff. Just a tip.


Nice riding!!! You got some mad skillz…


i “did” a 26" hop ::::hint hint::::::

i will try to tape a 20" soon…

if anyone wants my new flim they can pm or im me at BYRNETOWN

to my surprize the video was ok, for your first video.

do you mean you hopped on a 26" unicycle?

no i hopped 26" on a tricycle

I thought as much but was being polite. It was a really good video for how long you’ve been riding. I wouldn’t mind seeing your other video, pm in 30 seconds. You should do like a minute long video completely devoted to the BC, and all its different sizes.

Keep it up,

yea, that’s nice. it’s nice to see ppl making movies of stuff i MIGHT be able to do in the near future.