My new video!

I made a new video in the holidays.
I just want some tips for my next video. :thinking:
Here’s my vid! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing, nice video (and nice uni btw).



Good job. The crank grab and then 180 off the bench was very smooth.

I think you’re going to win that OTG super beginner game :smiley:

Hey :). Nice video!
Check out We’re a dutch/belgian unicycling community :).
Fijn om nog eens een filmpje van een Belg te zien :P!

En ja je bent de eerste belg dat ik tegenkom op dit forum :slight_smile:

Nice video! The pink uni also looks super cool! Also, that leg is looking quite gnarly:p!

Yes lol I feel duped (dooped? Dyuped? Lol spellcheck please!)

Anyway SO not super beginner Laura awesome vid :wink:

I think she will :o 3 weeks until our easter holidays, so I might have a chance to catch up :smiley:

your shins are more important than your head :thinking:

I figured after you set the first trick in the superbeginner game that you were hustling us :wink:

I don’t really need a helmet because i don’t really fall on my head but as you can see my shins REALLY need protection! :stuck_out_tongue:

One time may be enough but your choice :wink:

Never fell on my head either :P. I’ve been riding for 6 years.

Yeah, I definitely agree.
I don’t always wear a helmet (always during muni and trials, sometimes during flat or just riding) Howver I really should wear it always, as, although I didn’t learn the hard way, (without a helmet) one of those shells saved my life one time on a bike. :astonished:

ANYWAys… Great job on the video! Liked the variety (from wheel walk to trial drops) Great Job

Nice vid, but should be in the Videos Forum.

+2. A guy I know while snowboarding w/ friends (never had hit his head before) hit his head after getting all cockeyed on the takeoff of a table top. He was out for nearly 15minutes. The next day they all got helmets.

I always wear one anytime I’m doing anything moderately challenging or on the street. (ie not through my trafficless parking lot to the “park” in my complex to juggle.)

I’ve had several mild concussions even w/ a helmet (never on a uni) w/o one I bet I would not be able to function normally at the least.

Very impressive, always nice to see girl/women doing what is normally a male sport and you clearly have natural talent.

Not wanting to continue the derailment of your thread back onto the helmet issues but your really should wear one, all these posts from people saying I don’t and never crash etc is just crazy and up there with the smokers who do the old “I have / my relative has smoked for x years and is fine”.

It may be tomorrow or it maybe in 10 years but you WILL land on your head, a component might fail some one might hit you, your talent will mean you will be pushing for bigger harder tricks which is when you will run out of skill.

When your folks have to visit you in ICU and are crying at your bed I am sure you all will wish you wore a helmet :frowning:

Maybe it is the father in me with a daughter but I say this out of genuine concern, speaking of which I have always insisted on my kids wear a helmet from day 1 so they think nothing of it (in fact it is strange for them not to wear one) so I am surprised your folks don’t also demand you wear one?

I am sure we will all come across as moaning old gits to a 15 year old but it is said with the wisdom of age and concern of a parent :slight_smile:

It does seem to be a trial thing to not wear one when the road and Muni rides generally do, but then maybe it is to do with the youth culture that surrounds this sub section like BMX and skate boarding etc

Anyway props on the riding and keep it up and keep posting those videos! :smiley:


Not to turn this into a helmet debate thread but…

How many times have you “used” the seatbelts in your car? I’ve only fallen on my head once (unicycling), and I’ve been riding 32 years. I wear a helmet (for certain activities) because I can do math. Try this if you’re considering whether it’s “worth it”:

Cost of helmet > Value of Brain?
Cost of helmet < Value of Brain?


Well, i never wear a helmet when i am unicycling or cycling, and luckily i never fell on my head (face protection would have helped sometimes).
I always use a helmet when i ride my bmw r1100r, lucky i never needed it so far. The only time a helmet protected me from injury was when i was running to catch up with my friend waiting there with his motorcycle, i already had the helmet on, turning a corner i slipped on the gravel and fell flat on my face, the helmet in this case.

I have a bicycle helmet somewhere that i could use for now buy another helmet soon.



  • about 4 I think :smiley:

I’ve never used a helmet myself either. But I always wear one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers and go hard :slight_smile:

I’m not saying I do not use a helmet :P. I do use it for trials, muni and mountainbiking :P. But it’s not needed for smaller stuff like flatland to be honest :P.