My NEW video with FIRST WW!

Hey all,

Well, the old dude is back again with one more video, just shot and edited yesterday, 3/26/06. Watch for a cool little 12" uni I’m riding! (I think that’s the size) My friend called me from the swap-meet (Yesterday) telling me someone was selling a “20 inch” uni, and wanted $20 for it. So I asked him to buy it and I would pay him for it…so he did and it’s in the vid.

Also, toward the end I try my very FIRST EVER wheel walk! Short, but shweeet! (I would really love tips on if this is a good way to learn) And there’s a little something extra after the creds.

Please forgive my “mugging” for the camera at the beginning; I was just goofin’ off.:stuck_out_tongue: No real big whoop on tricks, but there is stuff I hadn’t tried yet in this one. Hopping stuff is to a minimum this time. :smiley:

cool, how long have you been riding?

ABout 3 months for this type of riding. I used to tinker around on a scwhinn back in the early 70’s, but pretty much just basic straight-forward riding, so all this trial/muni/coker is new to me.

PS: Did you DL the video already? That’s FAST!!:slight_smile: !

ur not as old as u say you are…

nice video

yeah it took me like 10 seconds to download. why?

thats pretty cool. you seem to be whipping out videos like crazy!
keep them comming =)

What??? Do you have Cable or dsl? You got to have that. (That’s what I need, bad!):o

Unfortunately I am. But like I believe, age is simply concept invented my man. I really think that “acting your age” when your MY age can be a negative; I DO NOT act my age-yeah I gotta be responsible and all that stuff, but my overall outlook on life is to just enjoy it all! People, places, things.

thast nice, and i say well done

i’m downloading it now!
At this rate, by the summer you will have stared in more movies then tom hanks:D

wow thats some good riding. as for the wheel walming I would say lean back more, you’d be suprised at how far you have to lean back to keep it going

that uni looks like either a 16" or a 12" im thinkin its a 12" though

I think a 12" too, but I actually haven’t looked at the info on the tire yet. fun little sucker to ride though! maybe I’ll film some muni and trials stuff on it for the heck of it!:smiley:

well i would just put it next to your summit then see how the size compares…can you post a pic of the two? if i see i pic i can tell ya for sure.

It looks like you have a good way to start. You need to move each foot along the wheel from toe to heel instead of quickly shuffling your feet like you’re doing in the video. You’ll be moving a lot more slowly at first, but you’ll develop better control. Also, lean back a bit more so you don’t fall off of the front.

Amanda and all,

Thanks so much for the WW tips! Makes sense so I will try it later today!:slight_smile:

Here’s a pic for size comparison. It IS a 16" as stated on the tire, but sure seems smaller…especially while riding it.

my unis.jpg

thats still pretty ace for 20 bucks!

I like the saddle (on the tiny uni) because it’s got such little “curve”, which is why I’m gonna make it into an air seat for my coker!:smiley:

sweet thenput the kh seat on the 16" and have a super lightweight trials uni

The KH fusion cover w/tube/foam (on the coker) will transfer to the baby uni base, but I’m not sure if the baby uni seat cover will fit on the KH base, plus I tossed the original KH molded foam…I’ll have to use a different piece of foam and try it.