My new video .. watch it :)

Awesome! The treytriple was really clean!

the trey triple was one of the nicest i’ve ever seen, it was flipping so fucking fast
nice job

Really good video :slight_smile: Treytriple was awesome!

I had to keep rewatching the treytriple. I thought it was a treyquad because of how fast it was flipping.

sick treytriple. I dont know how you can roll so well on the moments without rollos…

So nice! The treytrip was insanely cool looking. Someone I’ve never heard of, and your busting mad tricks like this :s fml

Treytriple was amazing, but the best part was the kid in the back (Alen?) dropping his uni when you landed it xD

i really liked the combo that started with a late 3 and ended with a late 3. That combo what pretty cool but the late spins added really cool style. and of coarse the treytriple SICK.

shouldnt it be "I’ve come to life? nice vid

thx julia :slight_smile: and yes it was alen ^^

you have such an amazing bag of tricks, yet you do a tyre tap down a 4 set, what the hell…

Super nice trey trip, clearly how they should be flipped. also liked 1:12 just looked sweet.

I agree with Dan though, get some street style about you man! :stuck_out_tongue: a trey flip would of been nice. or at least a nice early caught crank flip… especially with the tease of the run up at the start of the video. I was expecting something big on it!

Nice flatland video though, especially without rollo’s =O

Wow nice!
The trey3flip was awesome.

Yeah! keep on rolling without rollos!

Hey Josef. Are you the Josef from the EUC flat final from sweden?

yep he is the guy who scuffs like 10 revs
really nice guy

Not that far at all, I have never told you I scuffed so long :open_mouth: :slight_smile: