My new video SoLo

hey, here is my new video SoLo:
this is the high quality version, it is 12 and a half min’s long and 108 MB. i will be adding a 25 mb version some time this week.

Great video guys! i enjoyed it very much! It looks like you put alot of effort into riding, filming, editting and it payed off.

Nice choice of music too although i doubt everyone on the forum will agree with that. :wink:

tis huge file…
50% done.

I hate to sound like Evan, but I didn’t think it was that good. Sloppy editing and camera skills, and I didn’t like the music ether.

Music and editing aren’t everything…

good. real good. i liked it. the last angle in the bc part was good.

out of curiosty half bike… what didn’t you like about the editing? just casue perhaps i can fix it for my next video…

The cameraman needs to be much more still. I have the same problems with my camera man. It’s really quite annoying. It was a good movie, although i’m not a huge fan of muni/natural trials. But, keep up the good work.

Retort from Camera Man

If you want a perfectly still camera try a Tripod. Camera men are supposed to move, It’s part of the job.

Nice video. I’m watching it without sound so as not to be biased :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks like a very light and thin unicycle frame; what kind is it?

haha took about five seconds for me!

oh and by the way you guys missed a period in b.c. wheel

uhh, my 24" frame is a DM ATU frame… it’s very very heavy compaired to new frames… or any frames for that matter… the 20" in sean’s sections is a really light frame an assuma… might be spelling that wrong… the only other frame was the one that james uses which is a 24" frame it’s a bedford frame. on a side note… i stand behind the music… i think it works for the video… and being the creator and editor… that’s why i put it in there… only my oppinion of course.
P.S just starting filming for a new video.
One thing to note about the DM ATU is that it has 41 MM bearing housings… well you can shim down to a 40MM bearing it is mainly designed for a DM hub/crank set. Though it is one of the few Muni frames to have the mounts for a water bottle holder. or at least one of the few that are made like that.

Nice! Yeah I guess they must have used really thick tubing in the frame. It looks nice though. My custom muni frame (it really is going to be built soon, I swear!) is going to be significantly thinner tubing than most…I think there is a lot of overkill in frames.


I’m pretty sure it’s a Sun. It’s labeled “sun” in big shiny camoflage letters

Thank you so much for reminding me about the Mudmen :slight_smile: I remember seeing the “5’oclock” video about 5 years ago… punk & bagpipes :slight_smile:

What kind of camera did you use? It looks like you used a digital camera… In my opinion, what you should have done was lowered the output resolution to 320x240… The video would have looked almost identical, and the video size a lot smaller. The stills wouldn’t have been as good of course… My 2 cents :slight_smile: