My new video(s)

I finally got up the nerve to make a couple “little” videos…actually, the file sizes are kinda big because the resolutuon is pretty high. I hope you all will not laugh TOO hard at my lack of real riding skill and video/editing technique. The bottom line for me is that I LOVED every minute of the whole process, and this will kinda serve as a video document that hopefully I can look back on as the point when I was just starting to learn stuff. So, don’t be too hard on this 50 year-old guy, who has basically started riding about 3 months ago after a 35 year layoff! (back then, there was no “muni”, or “trials”…at least I don’t think so) Yeah, the vids are waaaay BEYOND “basic”, but it I still had a blast. I sure don’t blame anybody if they don’t want to check it out because the files are pretty big, and might take a long time to DL if you have dial-up, like me!:frowning:

PS: Hope everybody who’s going to Moab has a GREAT time…sure wish I could’ve made it, but there’s always next year!

Well, 50+3 months! Thanks for your nice words!:wink: I am now trying to learn rolling hops (that really count), WW, and gliding! I’m just loving it all, but I’m just trying to improve so I can do more stuff; A lot of it is just saying to myself: “Just GO for it!”:smiley:

Holey crap!! you do not look anything like a 50 yearold, from the picture in your news artical I asumed you were like 35-40 ish area.

Anyways nice riding, I liked the vids, although somtimes the fancy switch scene dealys can get anoying if there to close together, other than that, great vids! :sunglasses:

Your skills may not be revolutionary, but they’re pretty solid for 3 months! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks guys! I’m totally psyched to do better! Yeah, I over-did it on the transition wipes…thanks for that reminder! I was like a kid in a candy store since the editing thing is totally new to me, and I was havin’ fun with it.:smiley:

Thats proper impressive m8 unicycling compliments aside, you really dont look 50

you don’t look 50

What’s in a “number” anyway, right? It’s all about your outlook, I think. Riding uni sure makes me feel young-er! The pic below was taken about a week after the big FIVE-O, and you can see I do have grey in my chin-whiskies! (the cat loves to lick my face so I’m holding his face away while the picture snaps.) I’m still waiting for my Denny’s Senior discount! :smiley:


geez…i hope i look that young when im 50 :astonished: im dling the vids now… thats sucks about moab for you…it seemed like you were really looking foreward to going. why is it that you couldnt go?

Well my Brother was all set to fly me there in his 2-seater airplane, but things came up and he couldn’t make it, and I just couldn’t deal with the thought of a 12-13 hour drive! In that respect I’m DEFINTITLEY not a young man anymore and driving that long is way to daunting of a task…for me anyway. So, it’ll have to be next year, when I should be a bit more equipped mentally and phisically to keep up with the other riders. Can’t wait to hear about everybody’s experiences at this year’s event!:slight_smile:

the first vid was pretty cool…your better than me…i cant ride down stairs forwards let alone backward.

<EDIT> the muni one was kool too…i wish i had a muni:(

nice. I like the skaters looking at you in the first video close to the end in awe.

Funny you mentioned that, because the THIRD skater shot that segent for me while his buddies watch in the background. All the other shots were on a tripod static, because I was there by myself.

those were awesome movies!! I really enjoyed watching them, you have mad skillz for an old guy (;))
PS, those are sweet Pink Floyd pants in the picture up there (:

Damn, that’s awesome! Now I really have to start riding more, I can abrely ride backwards, and I can’t one-foot yet… Yer making me look bad, considering I’m almost half your age (and look almost as old as you… and I still get carded ;))

After watching “the boys” video, I can see I need a LOT OF PRACTICE editing! Very imaginative editing you guys!:slight_smile:

It was fun to watch the riding in your video. It gives inspiration to older riders like myself to keep working at it. I’ve been riding for about a year and just got a 26" MUni for my 46th birthday. It’s only 45 degrees here and we still have snow on the ground but I’m going out for a ride!

Hope you make it to Utah next year. That sounds like an awsome ride.

PS the music while your video was downloading was a nice touch.

There was “music” playing while you were downloading??? what was the song and which video? :thinking:

It was 60’s and 70’s music. Must have been our itunes taking over the machine while it was downloading. Anyway, the video was great.

Amazing video (i have only watched the first one).

I agree with everyone else on this, you look alot younger than 50. After you do one footed riding (first time) you look into the camera and you look 20 years old!

You have insane skills like riding down stairs backwards. Well done.