My new vid, little bit of 20" muni

Nowhere near the quality of you other guys and girls on here but I like to keep a record of how far I’ve got (not that far really) since I started on this infernal wheel!

The unispin still eludes me and it’s getting annoying now!

Feel free to comment on the vid as I could do with all the help I can.



Its Tricky! Sweet job, man.

I loved the mount where you hold up the unicycle and it stays put,then you jump on it!

What you lack in skills you make up for w/ good filming/editing, even on your early vids:)

Agreed. I enjoy watching the vids as you make them. The riding may not be great, but you’re obviously having heaps of fun which is the most important thing anyway.

Nice, those hills looked pretty steep! Have you had a go offroad on a 24 with a fat tyre? Its amazing how much nicer it feels, and the speed you can go is great :slight_smile:

There is a meet at chicksands on the 20th of April if you can make it :slight_smile:


You lot are so nice to us learners! It’s great to know that I’m not gonna be ridiculed on here. (Well not too much)

The hill is pretty steep in some places and I was having loads of fun!

I’ve not tried a 24 my Nimbus 20 ISIS Trials was enough until I bought my KH29er just having some issues with UDC and a mix up on bearing housings but I’ve tried it on the road and it was tricky but I can’t wait to try that on the hill! At least thats what the off road tyre is for.

I can’t make chicksands unfortunately, I have shooting commitments that weekend. (Not assassinating anyone, just 10mtr Air Rifle Target shooting)

Thanks for the invite though!

I’m sorry too if there is not much skill involved with my riding, but the main aim of my vids is to monitor my progression. That bloody unispin though.

I tried again last night and I can’t get my feet out of the way of the wheel and keep the wheel close to the ground. I think if I keep the wheel close to the ground I might clear it when it spins. I’ll keep trying, it’ll be cool to finally get there.

Cheers, Bob