My new unicycle.

My new unicycle is finally ready for some action in the forest and DH-tracks. Specs: KH-saddle with handle, 24" Nimbus II -frame, 48 spoke wheel with 150 mm cranks (Lascos, but I will change them to quality 170mm ones when I have money and time), Gazzaloddi 24x3 and Wellgo pinned(pins can be changed easily) pedals.

With the Gazza there is about 12 mm (1/2 inch) gap to the frame on top and 8 mm (1/3 inch) on both sides. This is surpricingly bouncy tyre.

I’m planning on buying a Qu-ax splined hub for this someday. Has anyone got experience on this hub. It it sold at It looks quite a much like profile or onza but it’s not the same. It’s a lot cheaper. It costs 119 euros (little more in dollars) with cranks. Onza costs about 200 euros with cranks and profile even more.

Re: My new unicycle.

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>150 mm cranks (Lascos, but I will change them to quality
>170mm ones when I have money and time)
Lascos are weak and they might break before you have ‘money and time’.
Take it easy on them.

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If the crank is moving then it really sounds as if it’s loose. - onewheeldave trying to pinpoint the cause of a clicking crank

Re: My new unicycle.

Sweet! You’ve got a Gazzaloddi and you’re in Finland. That’s gotta be a killer combination especially with your flag on the sidewall of the tire.

i know this is completly out of subject but i love finnish music:D

john_childs, I have a tire without the flag. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s only on the 24x2,6. It’s surprisingly hard to fet hang of those tires even thougn Nokian’s factories are only 30 miles away from my home. Maybe I should give them a call. It seems like they wouldn’t produce any of those 24x3’s anymore. At least those cannot be found in the 2004 catalog.

unarueda, what kind of music?