My new uni

Ok i just got my kh 07 monday and im loving it and have rolling hopped 4 sets and have been crank grabbing (finally) and practicing crankflips. Well, I was wondering I like the psi pretty low where i can hop pretty high but its at like 15-18 maybe 20 is that bad for the uni?

also its got a bedford sticker type thing on the frame where theres KH 07 I like it but was wondering if I took it off would it rip the paint or do anything

15-20 psi is a fairly common preassure for a small to medium size person.
with psi use what ever preasure feels right. if you aren’t hitting the rim you are fine. if you are bashing the rim into the ground put more air in. if you do a lot of natural trials also put more air in as you are more likely to hit the rim.

you can take the beford sticker off without scratching the paint.

ok thanks

Why on earth would you want to remove the bedford logo…Its my favourite part of my KH frame

Because the KH logo’s are holy?


Because it happens to have been made by Kris Holm unicycles. Not stinking bedford.

Possibly the first time I liked one of your posts.


I’m happy for you, I’ve got a one year used Torker LX.!!!

THe Kh uni is plastered with KH logos anyway.

as is everything KH
and not KH, if he wants it on there, he gets it!
IE: t-shirts

Possibly the first time I dissliked one of your posts.


Why would you say that? bedford sold it to him… It only says KH 20 under the sticker and quite frankly if you take it off the uni will probably and should implode. My uni isnt even full KH and it says Kris Holm 9 times (not that thats a bad thing) but having it say KH 20 when it obviously is is just useless when it only says Bedford unicycles once.

Preach it!

Bedford always seems to cover everything he sells with Bedford stickers, there was a thread a while ago from riders who didn’t want shop logos all over their unicycles.

I guess you need to tell him when you buy it you don’t want your unicycle stickering.

There are a lot of Kris Holm logos on the KH 20 but that is probably for when people buy just the components eg just the rim to know/show they have a Kris Holm rim or whatever


Tunkie I run my psi at 15 and it is good. I think you about the same weight as me so that should be good. And have fun with you kh, I know I love mine.