my new uni

i realized i needed a new kh wheelset and a new seat since the old ones were getting to be a hassle (i had to rip my old kh seat off the bolts and one of the cranks on my old wheelset was so busted i couldn’t get it off) so i got a new kh wheelset, spraypainted my old frame and pedals, and got a miyata seat and had this guy who lives down the street do the post conversion. check it.

edit: oh and btw all parts are courtesy of bedford unicycles. highly reccomended.

close up of the weld job


Looks good, Zach:)

i’d put a washer between the bolt and the plastic. metal too, but mostly the plastic.

Ah, the good old green Miyata seat. That’s a nice looking uni you’ve got there.


mmm pretty…


It looks really good zach. The seatpost weld looks in good shape too. Its a shame nobody makes 27.2 seatposts to fit the miyata bases. (not counting rail adapters)